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Amazing new Invention Reduces Labour by 72%! Too good to be true?

what could go wrong???

spoiler: this is one of the stupidest beekeeping inventions I have ever seen…

I think they should have titled their crowdfund campaign ‘Start Stupid with the HIVE ENRAGER’.

I share you sentiments Jack. We’re past April fools day… I’m lost for words.

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I thought beekeeping is a love not a chore, this is ridiculous - just saying :wink:

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when you are doing a few hives it’s a love- when you do 89 it does become a bit of a chore. But lifting a 15kg robot onto a a hive to save you from lifting a 3kg frame? Sheer stupidity.

These people got a 1.3 million dollar grant from the Korean government to make this monstrosity…

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Hi Jack, I clicked where it said “read more” or something like that. There’s a photo of the team of 10 people involved in the development of the gadget. I guarantee not one is a beekeeper. There mustn’t be a beekeeper in the crowd funding video either, because they’re all wearing brand new cheap bee suits from china. We were given one, they’re exactly the same.

I can’t see how in any way that gadget would enhance my beekeeping, to the contrary, it would be a hindrance.

As you say “a 15 kilo robot”.

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A 15 kilo bad robot, that will hurt a lot of bees if used as shown… :dizzy_face:

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I agree Dawn, not to mention upsetting them, as Jack pointed out. I developed a strategy of removing the frames I’m going to extract from, with bees, stood up against the back of the hive. I don’t shake any bees off until after a close the lid. That way I upset the bees less & don’t have them attacking me from within the hive while I’m still removing frames or replacing them with stickies.

I can just imaging things going pear shaped with this gadget real quick, like after the first frame. That’s assuming the frame’s not stuck to the QE, each other or the inside of the honey super. Sometimes frames need gentle maneuvering & persuasion, & not necessarily straight up.

and also because of their moronic, clueless, nonsensical comments.

can you imagine the top bar of a frame breaking off? I can. What a disaster. Also cross combs, fat combs, etc. The brushes will just roll, kill and enrage the bees immensely. Honey everywhere. Telling that not one frame in their video is actually full of honey- all empty combs. What shameless lies they tell-‘even beginners are comfortable using this device’, and ‘increased productivity’, etc.

Now I am hoping their few sales are as fake as their video- God help any fool who actually believes them.

I generally only pull the first frame straight up and out- and even it needs wiggling, prying and coaxing.

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I agree Jack, however we’re sounding like the naysayers when the flow hive first got launched.

That metal-on-metal noise reminds me of the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors!

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