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Any Flow Hive owners in Cincinnati, OH?


I am starting my first Flow Hive as a Newbie here in Cincinnati, OH. I am also a member of SWOBA. Any other members here in the area?


Hey! Hebron Kentucky here! We just got our hive built, and are picking up bees Saturday! My husband and I are super excited to start keeping bees! Do you have your hive up yet?


Hi! I’m in Loveland, OH. I’m planning to purchase a flow hive and get started Spring of 2017. I’ve been considering beekeeping for a couple of years and think a FH is the way I want to start. Glad to know there are other FH not too far from me!


I’m in Toledo, Ohio. Read through some of my posts. Let me know if you need anything


No, MaryBee is just for this forum :). And thanks so much for the invitation to see your FH in action. I will definitely give you a call soon!



Perhaps not a good idea to post phone numbers in open forum? Maybe PM the person with personal info. :slight_smile:


I got my Flow Hive set up in Anderson Township in May '17.


I have 2 hives in Terrace Park. Only one is thriving. The second Flowhive lost its colony.