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The flow hive is now in Ohio USA


I am excited to report that my earlybird early delivery flow frames arrived on Wednesday this week. I have already modified my box and will be putting the frames and my modified box on the hive today.I would love to connect with anyone else in Ohio especially Central Ohio that has a flow hive.


I am in Delaware OH and hope to have mine in December.


I put my flow frames on the hive on Saturday and saw some of the bees in there working the cells today. It all looks very exciting.I am hoping to extract honey in the fall


How’s the hive doing? Where did you get your bees.


Thanks for asking how my hive is doing. From what I can see the bees are filling all the small gaps in the frames and getting it ready for the honey flow which will be starting in about a week, as the golden rod is starting to bloom in our area now. I put my three flow frames on an existing colony that seemed to be one of my stronger hives. They haven’t started storing any honey that I can see but that is about to change.


Thanks for the update. Would love hearing more as you have more developments.


I’m near Troy OH, and so far, my Flow will be shipping in a few days - how did they do with the goldenrod?


Would love to hear how your hive is doing.


Got my Flow about a week ago - it’s assembled and waiting for me to paint it. The bees are loving this mild weather - they have been out and about all week, although I haven’t seen any bringing back pollen yet.


Hello From Groveport Ohio! BEEpothecary is my company. We received our Flow Hives in February and took them to a couple of shows, while we were waiting on spring to come. We just installed them as honey supers to our happiest hives. We are thrilled to be apart of this new adventure with Flow Hive.

How are all of your hives doing in April 2016?