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Any FlowHive Users In Kentucky

I am in Central Kentucky, any other FlowHive folks?

Northern kentucky. One flow hive, first year with bees! How about you?

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Hi Susie, thanks for responding, brand new, got my bees this weekend and my flow hive came yesterday! If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you some questions later! Have a great day!

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Nashville, close enough? :smiley: 3rd season with the flow hive.


Thanks Martha! I would love to be able to contact you as a resource!

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@Skeet how close to Horsebranch are you?

Hi Susie, I’m not sure where Horsebranch is? I’m located about 35 miles directly south of Louisville KY. Did you have any trouble getting your bees to move up into the super? What type of frames did you use in your brood box.

I know people can be creepy sometime, so if you’d like to check me out to make sure I’m legit, I’m a State Farm Agent, you can check out my website at Rick Skeeters State Farm Insurance Agent and I’m on Facebook. If you are comfortable with doing so, I though maybe we could exchange phone numbers, I hate typing out long text and/or emails. If you are not comfortable with that, I understand. You can also see on FB, I’m happily married to Judy. Sorry, this may be more info than you wanted. Thanks in advance for any help! Take care!

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Martha, thanks for responding, did you have any trouble getting the bees to move from the brood box into the super? Also, have you heard of anyone using a Flow Super on a Langstroth Brood box? If you are comfortable doing so, I would like to exchange phone numbers, I can be checked out on my business website Rick Skeeters State Farm Insurance Agent and on Facebook. I hate typing long emails and/or text. I’m happily married for almost 40 years, so I am no threat. However, if you are not comfortable with that I understand. Thank you in advance for any help! Take care!

Horsebranch is near E-town. I am holding off on my Super til next year. I put a second brood box on and they are not doing such a great job with that. They filled up the first brood box and I was so excited (and worried about swarming) that I put the second box on and maybe they were not ready since all they are doing is making some burr comb.

Oh and I am using langstroth style brood box

I looked up Horsebranch, it is near Beaver Dam, about 80 minutes from Etown. I have two new hives, got them from a 40 year veteran, 9 frame brood boxes and a short super on them. I am looking for a hive to put in my Flow brood box. Not likely I will get any honey this summer, just hoping to winter well!!!

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I’ve messaged you my phone number. Text first so I don’t assume your a solicitor. :+1::grinning: