Mentoring in Clark County, WA area

I am new to beekeeping and I have been conducting a fair amount of research through reading, watching videos and attending bee classes in my area but I believe I would greatly benefit from having a mentor. Any beekeepers in the Clark County area that would be willing to mentor a novice such as myself? Mainly looking for someone to supervise me while I conduct my hive inspections. Eventually would like to take the OSU beekeeping course and I would require a mentor to log my hours.

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This is great that you’re reaching out on the forum, Austin. Good luck, I hope you find a great mentor :slight_smile: nothing compares for learning as a beginner if you ask me.


I’m a member of the Portland Metro Beekeeping Association which would be relatively close to you. The group has been great so far with plenty of expert beekeepers in it as well as club events and bulk purchasing. Hope that helps!

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Thanks Mateo. I will check it out!