Australia: Spring Package Bee Delivery October 2017 - VIC/NSW/ACT/QLD & SA

Hi Everyone,

After the last shocker of a season we won’t be able to ship nucs interstate as we’re focusing on building up our own hive numbers this season. However we have teamed up with Australian Queen Bee Exporters (who have thousands of hives in NSW) who will be producing Itallian Package Bees for us to distribute in October 2017.

These Itallians have been fantastic to work with, we often inspect 150 hives in a day with shorts and a t-shirt without stings (we still wear a veil and use a smoker), they have been very gentle and quick to build out comb!

Last season we distributed over 1000 Package Bee colonies in NSW and Victoria, this season as we’re not distributing Nucleus colonies we have opened up delivery routes to Brisbane and South Australia.

We need to firm up quantities shortly with the producer in NSW to allow them time to assemble/repair the packaging etc needed to produce the packages ready for you in October.

Pricing includes GST & $10 deposit for cage, second rate is excluding cage (price after returning cage)
1-50 $154 If prepaid in full or $165 if paying a 30% Deposit.
51-99 $150.15 / $140.15
100-699 $142.45 / $132.45
700+ $134.75 / $124.75

Note: for orders 500 packages or more, we will deliver directly to you anywhere in VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD or SA. Maximum load per trip is 700 colonies. We hold current $100,000 Cargo Insurance to cover us during delivery.
Health certificates will be provided for orders outside NSW

To order, please visit our lising in our Online shop for: Itallian Package Bees
Exact delivery drop off date/times will be confirmed late September.

Planned delivery locations at:


  • Garfield Victoria (East Melbourne)
  • Mildura
  • Wangaratta
  • Shepparton/Benalla area
  • Wallan
  • Epping (North Melbourne)
  • Horsham (return from SA)
  • Stawell (return from SA)
  • Ballarat (return from SA)


  • Mitchel


  • Albury
  • Eastern Creek (West Sydney)
  • Newcastle
  • Port Macquarie
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Armidale
  • Tamworth
  • Young
  • Yass
  • Wagga Wagga


  • Southport (Goldcoast)
  • Logon Motorway BP (South Brisbane)
  • Ipswich
  • Warwick


  • Renmark
  • Gawler (North Adelaide)
  • Glen Osmond (South/East Adelaide)
  • Murray Bridge
  • Bordertown

Click here for a Youtube link to a good how to install video

Approximate delivery route:

Just loading up:

Ready to hit to road:

Delivering 200 Packages late at night:

Thanks for visiting, please check us out on social media as well and we look forward in meeting you in October!

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