Basic Beekeepers Glossary

I offer the link below that is a glossery of names and terms used by beeks (beekeepers). I tried to find a global listing however I would like to see this develop into a more comprehensive listing.

There are terms and pieces of hive equipment that are original to regions/countries and not used elsewhere. I wish to learn from this topic too.
Photos are a wonderful non-verbal way of communicating that is more clear than words alone. The above glossary should serve as a starting point not as an end-all :smile:


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Brood Box - Brood Chamber
The part of the hive in which the brood is reared; may include one or more hive bodies and the combs within. Most commonly the Bottom box in a langstroth hive.

Development period of the honey be worker, queen and drone



A straw basket historically used to house hives.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for here is a glossary of terms:

And another of Acronyms:

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Thanks Michael, That’s quite a comprehensive list I’m sure it will help a lot of people, experienced and novice alike.

I also thank you Michael, I’m going to check it out as well