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Basics Bee Assessment today


Doing my Basics Bee Keeping assessment today. Min requirement is 1 year of Beekeeping - I just qualify but been going to our apiary 14 mths.

Myself and 3 other candidates an hour each

Please think of Beeks doing their assessments.

I’ve not had much time to study as I am working again - since 3rd May I’ve had 2 days off - Just smile and keep going - Hope all my reading has kept me in good stead


What’s a Bee Keeping assessment?


LOL - If they end up making it a necessity for Beeks I will be set like a jelly! I like learning and it is my way of making sure I can be a good Beek


This what is required


That’s a good question Angela. One thing I don’t think we get in Australia. I think over here it’s kind of the proof being in the pudding.


I still dream of failing my finals 40 years after I took them at times of stress. No more exams for me. Beekeeping exams mean nothing to me over hands on experience but that’s a personal decision and some folk like to take them. I’ve met many beekeepers with letters after their name who were hopelessly out of touch. The Basic here in the uk gets you a sew-on badge for your suit :slight_smile:


I still dream I haven’t finished my dissertation - that was nearly 10 years ago