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Becs Beehive - Equipment, Workshops & Mentoring


Connect with Bec who specialises in Hobby Beekeeping supplies and can help you begin your journey with bees. Offering Beginner Workshops, Field Days, Mentoring, Swarm Collecting and friendly advice. Becs Hive Store is open most Fridays 10am-2.30pm - check www.becsbeehive.com.au for advance notifications of closures. All gear can be ordered online then shipped Australia Wide and workshops are held around Melbourne. Bec is a passionate beekeeper who loves her bees and couldn’t imagine life without her hives. She has helped loads of Newbees begin this most amazing & rewarding hobby over the years. Visit www.becsbeehive.com.au for more info. bec@becsbeehive.com.au


I’ve personally met Bec and she knows her stuff!

She has a great line of equipment too - I got my italian honey press from her and love it! :smiley:


The Bunyip Beekeeper