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Want to connect with beekeepers South East Queensland

Hi there
Looking for Flowhive beekeeper close to Springwood/Daisy Hill Brisbane area to help check my brood.
I purchased my Flowhive in March 2017. My girls thrive in my suburban back yard. They have been very content and productive since then.
I am looking for someone with Flowhive bee-keeping knowledge and a little strength to assist me to check the brood box.

Kind regards

Kath Smith

Hi Kath,

I’m an even newer keeper (have flow hive, waiting on bees). I’m in the Runcorn area.

Despite lots and lots of reading it’s all theory to me so far. Thanks to COVID our local beekeeping group aren’t meeting much so not much opportunity to see/interact with a live hive.

I’m keen to learn any tips or problems you’ve run into in the first couple of years. Have you had to deal with a split or swarm? My two biggest concerns!