Beekeeping Course Online - support for new beeks

Are you eager to Learn Beekeeping? Beekeeping Apprentice is the World’s leading Online Beekeeping Course and Facebook Community for Beginner Beekeepers to learn and interact with other fellow beekeepers.

Gain lifetime access to all our well structured stunning beekeeping classes and become a confident beekeeper in just 60 days. (But rest assured you can study at your own pace and revisit classes later down the track as required.)

Its Complete A-Z Course for New Beekeepers, from Buying the Hive to Harvesting the Honey. Visit We are also soon to be releasing an Advanced Course to take you to that next level as a hobbyist Beekeeper.

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The good thing about this forum is that folks are able to learn from each others successes or failures, & it’s all free. I believe that there is a good number of free online learning videos available through flow hive.

Also @Michael_Bush has lots of free online information available. There is a facility to make a non compulsory donation if one chooses to.

There is a multitude of free online information available on any subject to do with beekeeping.

There is no need for new beekeepers to pay out these exorbitant fees just to get started.