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Bee keepers in seymour Vic


are there any bee keepers in or around the Seymour area, I had my hive setup 8 months, and have now found out I have a reaction to bees!! would love someone local to assist


What kind of reaction, in detail if you don’t mind? If you don’t want to post it publicly, please PM me. I am not in Australia, but I am a doctor and am very familiar with allergies, having several myself. Hopefully we can work out a way to help you, that might be good for you. :blush:


I am allergic to them, as I have found out when I was stung last month.

So just looking for someone local to manage my hive.




What do you mean by allergic? Not trying to be difficult here, but a lot of people (and doctors) think someone is allergic when it was just a bad local inflammatory reaction. If you have have had anaphylaxis (passing out, wheezing, throat swelling), that is a true allergy. If you had a large area of local swelling, particularly on your face or hands, that may well not be an allergy.

If you have been told that you are allergic by a doctor, I would ask for formal allergy testing. That can be done as a skin test or a blood test (known as a RAST test) and it is pretty easy to get it done.

On the other hand, if you would rather not keep bees any more anyway, that is completely understandable. i would suggest you contact a local bee club, or live bee removal service if you don’t get any answers here. :wink: Many bee removal guys will manage your hives for a fee.


Correct the use of the word allergy is broad, I get bad local inflammatory reaction, which was enough to encourage me to look for local assistance, as I wish to increase the number of hives, across all my farms, so I need a plan B, walking away is not an option.




Advertise for an Apiary manager and pay them for it?


Yep that is the plan, I prefer someone that uses the same hive system, hence why I posted on the forum