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Bee Photographs


Thank you. The bee cooperated completely is how😁
It spent a couple of minutes checking out that hole, going in and out and hovering at the entrance. Unfortunately I only had the iPhone but it’s taken a pretty good picture.


That is a photo contest winning shot Brad, really good.


Just discovered this thread. I love seeing photos! :slight_smile:

Here’s one of mine; the flowering gums in my street are just coming into full bloom and the bees love them!:


The ladies aren’t very elegant when flying full of nectar :smile:


Love the music Robert - always been a fan of those 70s cop shows :policeman:t2:‍♂ :man_dancing:t2: :rotating_light:


No bees in this photo, however you can clearly see the results.


I’m jealous…twenty characters to post.


Emojis count. Just pick one with a long name. :woman_technologist:


One or two from the sunny south!
Bees enjoying the fennel flowers.


I couldn’t resist taking & showing these bees in a dragonfruit flower.

I’m more into growing food, however I think I’d grow dragonfruit for the flowers alone.


Great pics Jeff and well focused. :sunglasses:
Good rain this past few days, looking good for a boost in the nectar foraging.


Thank you Peter, nice rain alright. I pulled a few weeds out today, that actually came out by the roots. I agree about the nectar. The bloodwoods are putting on a nice display. cheers


I make no apologies about being excited & keen to show of my dragonfruit flowers/fruit.

It’s only 8.30 in the morning & these 15 flowers are already wilting.

However the bees are really working them.

As you can see, there’s more flowers due to open in the coming days.

I’ll have plenty of cuttings to share or barter in about April, in case any locals want to grow some. Cuttings planted then will produce fruit in the first season.

Dragonfruit flowers/fruit

Have you a pic of the fruit Jeff? The foliage looks like a common ‘cactus’ but if it is I haven’t seen it in flower let alone the fruit before.
Wow, nice rain but sure has sent the humidity off the scale.



Edit: https://www.rareseeds.com/dragon-fruit-collection-2-plants-ships-march-june-/

Edit: Link to the photo posted by @JeffH


Hi Peter, I posted a photo of the fruit before we picked it on this thread 6 days ago. You’re welcome to bring Maureen down to sample some any time. We have red flesh fruit ready to pick. The photos I uploaded are all white flesh. cheers


Hi Everyone,

I Was wondering if anyone could ID the tree below?
Thanks in advance.


We will hopefully be down possibly on the week end, I have something for you. Maureen is feeling a bit down over recent events and her condition explained to her so she could do with a day out.
Cheers mate


Possibly a syringa? Also called a Japanese lilac…hard to tell without more clues about structure & foliage. Looks like a lovely source of pollen!


Thanks Eva,

A Syringa reticulata looks exactly like the tree. I have 3 at my place and they seem to be a gold mine for the bees.