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Bee Photographs



Gorgeous! Almost camouflaged, what sort of flower are they on & is that a native bee or wasp above & on left?


WOW, that is wonderful !!!


Hi @Kirsten_Redlich, a sunflower in all it’s glory and that is a native on the left we have lots of them around here.


Although the name Beerwah is familiar, I had to look up where it is :wink: Now i know why it’s familiar, I spent a week around Glasshouse Mountains (it was a little while ago). Your sunflowers are much more successful than mine were, the stamens would have been lucky to cover a 50 cent piece. You can see in your photo the stripes the seeds will have. I think it’s one my favourite posted.


Australian Native Bee

A 4mm long Australian stingless bee, Tetragonula carbonaria

Took this a while ago in our yard and what got us interested in bees in the first place.


There are 6 bees (3 kinds) in this photo. Can you spot them all?


missing 1, nice shadow of bee on petals


There are 2 at 8 o’clock


Golden Dew Drop


I thought this bumble bee was beautiful, but was hard to get a nice picture as she was moving around so fast


Hi there, found this link to some really detailed close ups of bees, Not sure if you have seen it. http://www.vox.com/2016/6/21/11989588/national-pollinator-week-bees-photos


Here’s couple more bee portraits from yesterday hive work !


Moved an established feral hive from last season into a box today, here is one photo of many (will put a full page together). Interesting how much brood there is so early in the season! (in Australia)


That is just beautiful, you have more photos of this?


I have been following yours and all the other awesome photos. I want to share my first BEE pictures of my new BEES.


NeuManaHui, she looks beatifull, what sort of plant is she on, a palm???:relaxed:


I have just put the photos together of the re-homing exercise!

Here is another photo I didn’t end up uploading of a young bee with pollen from the same hive


Wow, I always was wondering how someone would transfer a captured hive out of the tree and allow them to keep their built comb. Seeing it is totally something else. These are amazing and beautiful photos thank you for posting artwork by magnificent little animals/insects.


Coconut :slight_smile: palm they love them.