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Bee Photographs


Natives and one of the girls enjoying the garden bounty


That one is worthy of publication! Absolutely gorgeous. Love how you captured the bee’s approach, with landing gear deployed :flight_arrival:


Thanks Eva,
It took me a while to work out how to post photos but there will be more to come…
Good old piece of fruit phone…


Pollen pants


Hiya all, couple of photos for you. :slight_smile:

The BW bees after the 37°C day today. Wash boarding. Interesting to note that the purchased nucs are the only ones to be wash boarding. Both feral colonies aren’t wash boarding at all. Curious.

Here is another artichoke photo taken today, the bees love this flower. There was one bee on it yesterday arvo when the flower opened and this morning before work this morning I took this photo.
Can you spot the blue banded bee?

Normally I’d harvest the artichokes but now I have bees I’m leaving them mature as the bees seem to like them.
I miss fresh artichokes now. Damn bees. :wink:


Gorgeous giant thistle skegs! I grew artichokes from seed for the first time this year - an overwintering experiment now. I only got two buds from the ten I planted, so I let them go to bloom for the bees as well :honeybee::two_hearts:

Made interesting dried flowers too - here, with some sunflowers:



Interesting flowers! What are they?


I had to ask also apparently its Celosia spicata or argentia otherwise known as Cockscomb. It is a weed but seeing as the bees loved it I took some home. Hey, a weeds just a plant that grows where you don’t want it right? :blush:


That’s right, a rose bush in a potato field is a weed.


Just a quick shot of one of my queens and her attendants. This is one they “grew” themselves. She has turned out to be quite prolific.


Great photo Tammie :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I took this during a hive inspection with my phone. A bit of a challenge with propolis encrusted gloves and balancing the frame on one corner with one hand! :relaxed:


My 3year old son taking photos


Aww, natural talent! :smile:


Wow…perfect Snapdragons
Never seen bees on mine though


Mis-spent childhood opening snapdragons revealed mainly bumble bees in the ones I looked at. :smile:


Hahaha :joy: :joy: :joy_cat:


A feral colony in a large sugar maple in -20C. Hope they make it through the winter!


What is wash Boarding? And why do bees do it?
From a newbee