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Bee Photographs


Swarms are docile by nature, I wouldn’t take their temperament when in a swarm cluster as an indication that they aren’t related to the feral colonies in the tree.

Feral colonies in trees is one of the biggest sources of swarms we collect. When turning up to pick up a swarm there is either an old gum tree within view… or a backyard beekeeper who hasn’t done swarm prevention (rarely anything in between!)

Did you collect these swarms? If not, call Joey here http://www.perthbeeswarm.com/ We refer all our WA swarm calls to him.


Festooning Bees…


##Up close with a drone…


##Up close and personal with the bees…


Sort of a bee photo, I was encouraged to enter bee cultures photo contest. Thought I would pass on a couple of shots I took yesterday. The contest is really for labeling packaging and displays


I’m glad I left these weeds for the season. When the bees are done I’ll have to figure out a painless way to remove these prickly things…


The leaves are meant to be great to eat…still painful to harvest though


Just saw my girls at work in banksia

<img src="/uploads/honeyflow/original/2X/2/219041ae577bb89f7849d994e1259c77e753a26b.jpg" @width=“281” height=“500”>



was at a wedding this weekend in Tallahassee FL. saw some pollenators and thought I would spend a bit talking there photos. :slight_smile:


Banksia, I think the text said. Looks a bit phallic to me… :blush:



Wow, that is some serious pollen!!


Wow, fit to burst!!! Those are huge bee pantaloons!!! :smile: (Imagine the bee saying, “Do these make my butt/hips look big?”) :joy:


G’day Marty, which one do you reckon tastes the best. The honey from the Dallas Metroplex area or the honey from 45 miles east of downtown Dallas? I often find that honey from back yards can taste so much different to honey in a rural area only 5-10 miles away.


Wow, yes I agree…


Native Australian banksia tree. Part of the Proteaceae family .


For all those who did not grow up with the childhood books of May Gibbs go to your library and check out “Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie” and you will meet the Banksia men who scared the living daylights out of me as a child. Loved it to death though and could wait for Mum to read the next chapter.


I have had this water bath for months but only now are the girls starting to use. Plenty of activity around the pool!


I have more bee pictures and videos on instagram BigRustyWillyDog :blush: