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Bee Photographs


Wow was very amazing photo


My wife showing off with her new phone.


Some ferel bees hard at work on my squash plants in the garden… every flower that was open had just as many bees in it.


wow , the photo is really amazing ,


few bee snaps:


the bees eye view of the hive:



girl collecting pollen from blue billygoat weed.


It’s winter here in Victoria, Australia, and pretty cool at 800m elevation - but my bees were busy yesterday in the hazelnuts. I assumed hazelnuts are wind-pollinated, so wouldn’t be of much interest to bees. But then, there’s nothing much else flowering yet.


Well, the bees are packing in the pollen anyway, from the colour of their corbiculae. :blush: Doesn’t mean they are helping the tree, but they seem to enjoy the pollen! :wink:


A bee harvesting pollen this morning in Folsom, Louisiana.


Here’s looking at you…


I am. I just aavent had tiee to upload the videos


I am thankful that my friend who has his hive on my farm shared his frame with me. Old fashioned honey drip drip. But on the happy side he helped me inspect my cut out hive. I was very nervous to rip anything apart. The frames are very tight and I did damage some brood but it is a very happy and very healthy hive. I will now leave it bee and let them work on my medium box. Crossing my fingers that next year this box will fill and I can finally put my flow super on top. I have to say it is very tasty.


Crickey they are a big frame. Sure glad its not me doing an inspection.


Ha ha probably the angle I took the picture. regular size frame :slight_smile:


Here’s a bumble bee that just might be a little lost or looking for a new home!:rofl:


Turn around Miss Bumble, things won’t end well for you there!! Cute pic though :blush:

Once during an inspection I lifted a couple frames out of the brood box just in time to see three workers hustling a dead carpenter bee across the bottom screen & out the front door - two were pushing/dragging & the other was airlifting! Wish I could have captured a video.


Totally agree, except I would say at this time of year, she might be a Mrs Bumble looking for an overwinter spot… :blush:

Rusty Burlew had a post on her blog earlier this year about a strange insect found inside a hive. Roundish, large and black. No legs. Shiny. It was so bizarre that the beekeeper sent it to some experts. It was a queen bumble bee. Stripped of hair and legs in the frenzy to oust her. :open_mouth: I guess she was just too big for them to drag her out of the hive.

Similarly, in late June this year, we found a Figeater beetle on the bottom board of our Flow hive:

No way the bees could drag it out, but it was well and truly dead.

Maybe we should print little signs for the front of our hives saying, “Beware all ye who enter here”. :smile:


Just a bunch of bee photos from the beeyard this fall. All the bees are very busy as we are having an incredible sunny hot 2 weeks to start this fall, and the goldenrod and asters are filling entire fields right now.