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Bee Photographs


Just put my nuc in my first hive and they already found the water


Beautiful picture!!! You should submit it to a magazine :heart_eyes:




How wonderfully neat peoples Apiaries are :smile:
My hive are buried amongst tall grass this time of year… :blush:
I must get the mower out!


My first hive inspection. Week 1

Still have not spotted my queen. Lots of capped brood, grown larvae, honey and pollen. I did not see any new eggs but my eye is not trained yet. Is it safe to say she is in there?

Full frame of capped brood


Pollen and honey

I sooooo wanted to see the queen. :cry:


Your third photo shows young uncapped larvae, so she has been there within the last week. :wink:

I have found a few things that really help with finding the queen. One is to use as little smoke as possible. Queens really hate smoke, and may even dive onto the bottom board to avoid it. The other is to cover frames that you aren’t inspecting with a pillowcase or tea towel. Don’t use a fuzzy towel - bees get their legs caught in the fabric loops. I use 2 tea towels, and just leave a gap between them to lift the frame I am inspecting, then gradually move them over as I progress across the box. This keeps the light level down on the frames which you are not inspecting. The idea is to make life more comfortable for the queen and the nurse bees, neither of which are fond of sunlight. Marking the queen always helps too, but even a marked queen can be very elusive! :blush:


Hi Deryck

The beautiful capped broods gives me a high!! After going through of losing the QB and the emergence of laying workers with frames of capped drones, I really savour the sight of capped broods! LOL

She is there and doing a great job. You will normally see her in a newly drawn out frame, “inspecting it” so to speak :slight_smile:

Have fun and enjoy it!


@Dawn_SD I like the tea towel idea. I’ll have to remember it for next season!


Fresh eggs!

Haven’t spotted here yet but she’s healthy I think. So is the rest of the colony :relaxed:


Nice pic coming in for landing loaded with pollen:



I love the legs :), is that PVC if so what sizes and what is the middle support?



I followed the below instructions from @lhengst . I thought it would work… and It does 100% :relaxed:



Great shot of some natural brood comb nicely laid up with eggs and some pollen snacks.


That IS a great shot - did you use a filter or is the lighting just so nice by itself?


No filter but I did sharpen the image and adjust the contrast a couple notches (to make the eggs more white).
I did not adjust the color at all. The sun was over my left shoulder, high in the sky. It was shortly after 12PM. The backlighting comes from the sunlight bouncing off of an adjacent, white hive.


hello all dear beekeepers i just catch a very good swarm ,im so happy
i wanted to share the video with you ,watch video


I’m a newbie

This was taken with my phone Amazing Creations


Lavender is in full force and of course the bees like it :grin: