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Hello from Yarra Valley, Vic

Howdy all,

About to purchase our first flow hive, I was hoping for some advice re bee suit sizes.
Everything I have read or listened to advises that I get a suit larger than I need.
I am 6’2" & 120kg, and see that the suit sizes range from 2XL -5XL.
Any advice or experience appreciated.

Thanks, Charlie

Hi Charlie, welcome!
The best way to find your right size is to try them on, if that is at all possible at the moment. In the meantime you could just wear a hat with the veil and wear thick or tough clothes so that you are well covered.

I reckon you’ll be looking at a 2xl or 3xl. As always best to try on before you buy. Having said that the flow site has some good measurement information for sizing and from memory so does OzArmor

Hi Charlie, My guess would be a 2XL-3Xl, as you say baggier is always better then fitted so if in doubt go up a size. There’s some sizing info on the Flow website where you can take your measurements to get a better idea of sizing, keep in mind that these measurements are for the suit itself, so when you take your body measurements you’ll need to add a bit for a comfy fit. Good luck :slight_smile: