Bee Suppliers For South Queensland/North NSW

I have two empty hives and I am desperately waiting on bees, have had no luck in the local area (near ballina NSW) have to drive a couple of hours for a NUC. Have inquired with a few people but nobody seems to interested in selling me anything

@mikejh, its swarm season at this very minute, are you able to hookup with a local club in the area. Most clubs collect swarms or have members doing it and then hand them out to other members for free. Another option is get yourself on and collect a swarm yourself (preferrably with someone who has done it before) its dead-easy and the bees are free. Most bee breeders are running way behind schedule this year and you may struggle to find someone close by will ing to sell.

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Hi Rodderick, no real luck with the local club just been told there’s a big demand due to the flow hives so Ill be lucky to buy one! The swarm patrol sound like a good idea have signed up for that at least hopefully something will come from it

Collecting swarms is great fun and very easy, you only need a cardboard box. Below is a swarm my wife and I caught last week.

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Hi JeffH

I can attest that you produce a beautiful queen with calm and gentle progeny. The queen looked huge when last I looked in the hive. Gorgeous girl and what an egg layer.


Hi Stephen, thanks mate, wow that’s fantastic. I’m in the middle of robbing at the moment. There’s a bit of a honey flow on near the coast here but not much happening at Palmwoods. Other times it’s the other way around. I’ll talk to you later Steve, bye

Jeff would you have a nuc or package with queen to be collected from you? my mum lives in Buderim and is arriving here for xmas on the 22nd she could come and collect from you and drive down to us near Mullumbimby. i do not have a spare box and frame but could buy one if req.

Hi Susan, I could do something like that, however I wont have a brand new queen by then. I think I might have over committed myself already but I have some colonies with good queens from swarms I collected, I’ve been using as feeder hives the last few months, I don’t know how old the queens are. I could send one of those down in a chipboard hive someone gave me. Give me a ring any time, cheers.

Hello Jeff and many thanks i will take you up on that can you please send me your ph so we can discuss cost and pick up times…

Hi BeehiveYoursellf
I presume you have bees by now?
I live in Toowoomba and have just started selling nucs. At present I have a bit of a waiting list. Should be able to supply if any one wants bees in about 4 weeks.
4 frames of healthy bees and a yound queen for $100. (Not including the box).
All the best with your bee keeping.


Hi ,
Did you end up finding some bees?
I live on the north side of Brisbane and have a couple of hives at Stanthorpe on a friends place. I’m going to Stanthorpe this Thursday and can help if you still need it. Mobile is 0419750743.
I sell nuces too.

Hi Dave,

         sent you a text,


Hi there,
I have my FlowHive set up and am now searching for bees. Haven’t had much luck locally and noticed that some of you were selling nucs. I am in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast so if anyone has some available I would be interested in purchasing. Also wondering if I have to purchase wax sheets for the brood box.
Thanks from a newbie bee lover.

Hi there,
Wondering if you have any nucs for sale. I am in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. :slight_smile:

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@JeffH often has bees for sale. He is in Buderim, which I think is not too far from you.

Hi Jeff,
Dawn_SD suggested that I contact you to see if you have any nucs/bees for us to purchase to start our new FlowHive. We are in Noosa.

Hi Lindy, yes no problems at all, I’ll pm my ph. no to you. Thank you @Dawn_SD.


Contact Bee Orbit on line. They supply qualitu nucs and accesories throughout queensland.

Looks like an independent review

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