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Online Beekeeping Course


This might be of interest to people:

A new online training course was launched by the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) and Plant Health Australia this week, to make it easy for beekeepers to find out how to care for honey bees in accordance with the new Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice.

The Biosecurity for Beekeepers course explains why biosecurity is important to beekeepers, describes the main pest threats to hives and shows how to check hives for any sign of pests that can reduce bee numbers.

It is designed for people with a basic understanding of beekeeping practices, and all beekeepers will find it helpful.

What you will get from doing the course

After doing the course, you will be able to:

  • Check your hives for pests and diseases
  • Identify the major pests and diseases of honey bees
  • Take action after finding a serious pest or disease in your hive
  • Minimise the impact of pests and diseases on your hives

    “Hobby beekeepers will benefit from Biosecurity for Beekeepers as well,” Mr Bourke added, “and for them the cost is $20 – a worthwhile investment.”

    Plant Health Australia’s honey bee biosecurity project officer Michael Holmes said that the course is straight forward and gives beekeepers all they need to know.

    “It should take around 90 minutes to do the course, and it can be done in more than one sitting,” Dr Holmes said.

    “Once completed, there’s a short test to fill in, and then you get a certificate to demonstrate that you are qualified in procedures under the new Code.”

  • http://beeaware.org.au/training/

    Update: International users will be charged $40. Australian users will be charged $20.

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    Hiya Snowy, have you done the AHBIC course?


    Not yet I haven’t. It’s on my to do list.