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Bees re-using wax


Hello Flow Hive forum,
I guess I should start off saying that I am new to bee keeping and the flow setup. I just recently put the flow frames on today and did a quick inspection. Upon inspection the bees had made some comb a little to wide and it ended up getting beat up. So needless to say I had some sticky comb with nectar/syrup on it that I left in front of the hive for them to clean up. I’ve done a lot of reading on the subject. And it seems that everyone says that the bees won’t reuse beeswax. Well it seems that the bees are chewing up what they can to take back. I have a bin of wax that I store the scraping from and have been slowly feeding it back to them. They are taking it right in to the hive. Just thought I would post this seeing as it says every where that they won’t reuse. Maybe I just got lucky with My bees. Such good girls. I’ll add some pictures and a little video.





The general consensus is NO ! If you watch careful the bees are chewing it up to discard over the edge to the ground. This is inviting unwanted wax moths, insects n animals you don’t want or need near or in your hives.

Just collect n store away from your hive n melt the wax down for other projects.

Good luck … It’s fun n a great learning curve. Gerald.


Leaving honey out like this is going to promote robbing of your hive. I strongly suggest you remove this from the front of the hive ASAP.

Is the nectar on the comb from the same hive?


Really like your hive stand ( and the old style wire of your fence) :relaxed: Did you make it yourself, what sort of tree was it from?
Maybe we just don’t know enough about bees, there always seems to be a situation in which they do something ‘they never do’?


Bees rarely use any wax left out for them. They never use any significant amount. They often reuse propolis though. I see them going through my old boxes all the time doing that.