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Beeswax foundation sheet notebook type


beeswax foundation sheet machine notebook type.
How to use this machine?


I’m unable to tell you how to use the machine, however I was able to fix your ‘speling eror’ in the title.

It’s a funny forum, we can edit each other’s title to fix any spelling errors.


and its pretty difficult to understand what you are talking about, can you be more descriptive?


How to use this machine ?


Oh Yeah, I have seen this used before and it’s a bit tricky to get right. Perhaps the manufacturer selling this item will provide you with detailed instructions or a video. I think I may have seen something similar used on YouTube.


Yes i hv tried like they do in youtube i pour liquid wax but the wax get stuck to the machine .i cannot make bee foundation sheet.


Have you tried spraying the mould with water to act as an adhesion barrier before pouring the wax, then the wax will need to cool enough to be peeled off the mould. Air through a nozzle is used to help release the wax from the mould.


Wipe some olive oil and the bees wax will just slip right off the surface, just enough oil to give it a dampness and you won’t need to do it often, maybe every 20 sheets or when the wax starts to stick again. It will have no side effects on the wax but if you want to you could wash it off with a spray bottle of cold water.