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Beware of Fraud Sites Selling Honeyflow

Been watching HoneyFlow for a while, not an owner yet but plan to be by spring. I recently encountered two web sites that apparently are scamming people to by FLOW HIVE 2 – CEDAR 6 FRAME at a sever discount. The ads are showing up via Youtube while watching videos. When you go these sites they are a blatant ripoff of images and photos from Honeyflow. The first site I have managed to get shut down was on Shopify as the host platform. The fake store was selling all kinds of other merchandise. The support email bounced, and their phone number went to some poor guy who knew nothing about the fake store. The billing also went to a medical diagnostic clinic in FL that was legit but nothing to do with this fake store. Don’t ask me how I know this, asking for a friend of course. :-). So after reporting this to Shopify they shut it down after a few days. Don’t trust stores on that platform as they do not vet their merchants.

Fast forward to today, was watch JP the Beeman on Youtube (quite good BTW) and an ad for the Hive Flow 6 popped up again… so I went to it and once again the same looking type of storefront… mostly fashion merchandise (bikinis and handbags). Same images ripped off as the previous fake site so am pretty sure here is another case of honeyflow fake sales. Can somebody from Honeyflow confirm this is fake as well? Here is the link and image of what is being presented.

I am sure that @Freebee2 and the legal team will be onto this!

Thanks @KevinsWorld and @Dawn_SD for your vigilance and for letting us know about these sites - these are definitely fake sites I’m afraid, though probably not fake product (I suspect they are the type that use our name as click bait and then don’t send any product at all - pure scam). Thank you for alerting us to these, we’ll certainly try to get these sites shut down before any unsuspecting customers are conned by these sites.


$109 for a complete flow hive… made of cedar no less… sounds too good to be true.… Fools and their money- quickly parted…

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I can also confirm that this is a nasty illegal scam where the scammers have stolen our IP (copyright) in order to use as clickbait and steal people’s money and information. They are using Youtube’s ad targeting feature. For all of those that do purchase from their site, it’s encouraged that they contact their bank ASAP to cancel their cards and apply for their money back.

Our legal team are doing their best to manage this and we appreciate all the help we receive from the public to notify us of new scam websites and ads.