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Bit's n pieces for Paradise EPS hives?

Does anyone know of or has made their own clearing/screening frame to fit 8/9 frame Paradise hives…, might be something I will need to fabricate myself.

What is this?

Are these Langstroth or another design?

If it is a clearing board you are asking about then if a Paradise hive is the same dimensions, (width and length) as a Langstroth box then any bee equipment supplier will be able to sell you a clearing board. If the size of a Paradise box isn’t the same then you could easily make your own and if you are handy with basic tools then any bee gear shop will have the four metal corners pieces. I think the measurement will be the same.
If you PM me the measurements of your Paradise box I’m happy to help further if you decide to make the clearing board.
Cheers Malcolm


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Ok thanks…, I’ll have to fabricate my own clearing boards. I just need to source 2 sets of the metal corner pieces from an apiarists supplier. I have both 10 frame and 8/9 frame Paradise(polystyrene) hives and because Paradise have 40mm wall thickness(think insulation), their outside dimensions are slightly larger than that of the normal Langstroth Hives.
Paradise hives 8/9 frames = 410x545mm
10 frames = 455x545
Anyone know what these ‘little metal bee funnels’ are really called ?
Actually, never mind…, I’m on to it !
I would now like to source these one way bee funnels - think one way bee valve;-)

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Is it bee escape boards you’re after?

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Yes, thats what I’m after…, preferably from a West Aussie supplier…, south west would be even better. Ive looked around and have some feelers out…, someone may have spied then for sale.

Any bee equipment supplier will have them in stock and they are also available on EBay, I bee escape is a very handy bit of kit to have, I regularly use mine and it can clear a super of bees in a couple of days down to just a few bees.

Thanks Peter, do you happen know of a local WA supplier ?

Malcolm, I’ll bet you know where your nearest bee keeping suppliers shop is and he will have a lot more than you need. A phone call is a start point. If he is too far away then EBay is a good option.

Yes Peter thats exactly correct…, but as you also know, asking here maximises my chances of finding a very specific bit of info and/or kit…, also potentially availing me to the ‘brains trust’ that fellow posters represent. Potentially someone may have an unused clearing board laying that I could use to reconfigure etc etc

Ah… the sharing economy! I like that, and anything to deduce consumption!! I have to jump to your defence there mate…

I don’t have any Malcom, and even if I had, I’m a fair drive north of you.

Absolutely…, we have our ‘Cape’s Region’ Chrissy gathering and talk this coming Thursday night and I’ll be subtly putting out feelers. I don’t like to drive into ‘Markup River’ unless there’s a real need…, but our apiarist society meetings have some very interesting and experienced members. Meanwhile, down here on the farm, there are indicators of increased Marri flowering(very unlike last year)…, a mild ‘possibility’ that production may shift up a gear. I’d like to be ready for if and when.
Fabricating myself is not off the table either…, meaning I’ll have to fish out the radial arm saw.

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im sure ripplefarm in WA has them. think they are in albany?

Welcome, Malcolm.

The internal dimension is the key, if the clearer board seals properly then wider walls shouldn’t be an issue.

I would be interested in understanding your logic for using a clearer board?

I have a clearer board that my wife accidentally bought and have never used it for anything other than as a crown board on my capture hive.

Personally, I can not be bothered lifting a full super to put the board in only to go back 24-48 hours later to swap some frames, only to then remove the board when finished.

With the bees having been squashed down into the brood box for all that time, all I can imagine is 60 thousand really annoyed bees waiting to get revenge as they boil out, erupting like a lava flow when it is removed. The death toll must be high as the super is replaced, even when trying to slide the super across slowly to minimize injuries and death.

The link below will take you to a local WA supplier who can sell you fully made up items or parts. Not everything is listed on the website, so give them a call if you can’t find what you want.


They also sell a brand of plastic hives, so should have a good idea of what will work.

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Hi Malcolm,
I kind of agree with Terry here. I have 10F Bee Box hives and have used escapes/clearer boards in the past but I don’t bother anymore. When I want to harvest I have a spare bee proof container that I transfer the frame into after shaking the bees off. I find this quicker and easier than the process described above, even if you don’t return the stickies to the hive.
However, I also know what it is like to have an idea and just want to try it. :wink:


Like @SouthEastScarp and @BayoNat I have been there and tried using clearer boards but they are now in my ‘bee junk’ boxes along with a lot of other stuff I bought on the spur of the moment.
Using a clearing board will cause over crowding in the hive when it is in use and I don’t see them as an overall benefit. More bees must die using them no matter how careful you are.
I remove the frames that I want to extract from the box and use a battery powered blower to remove the bees and the frame is then put into a bee proof box to take home for extracting. The blower is much faster than using a brush as the blown off bee looses interest in getting back onto the frame.
I though about using a clearing board and tried it but the disadvantages well out weighed any advantage, and in hind sight, there is no advantage. Even with a really aggressive hive using a clearing board will only make worse.


Thank you SouthEastScarp, BayoNat and Peter48…, all make perfect and logical sense. My bee mentor suggested using a clearing board but he was at the end of a long and busy day and so I didn’t ask too many questions…, and now you guys have clearly and precisely explained why clearing boards may not be the best way…, and I appreciate all your various input and advice.
Some background - Many years ago and over many seasons, a commercial Apiarist would put around 100…, then quickly add another 100 hives…, and sometimes even more hives here in order to make the most of the Karri Flow - after those seasons, he would give me a 20 liter bucket full ! :wink: Anyway he always said I should get some boxes of my own because of Karri, but also diversity and density of other blossom in the area(it’s an out of the way, coastal/rural farm property adjacent to the National Park). Anyway, I think thats just S/W WA generally. For the most part I’m figuring everything out using a combination books, forum advise, Dr. Google and bee mentor people. Last year was a bit of a disaster but this year in direct contrast(so far) things are going gangbusters and so I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks all !!