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Bottom Catch Tray Picture/Question



We installed our new bee’s 15 days ago and I pulled the bottom catch tray out and here is what I found. It has not been emptied/cleaned since the new bees were dumped in. I see some yellow spots and some orange on the left side and of coarse some bee parts from the initial install. Please let me know your thoughts on what you are seeing. Thank you

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Looks like wax fragments and pollen to me. :blush:

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Looks normal to me. I would let them get on with settling in.



I agee with @Dawn_SD and @Rmcpb and zooming on the pic there is also bee legs. I would not disturb the bees for 3 to 4 weeks after installing them so they have the time to become established and there is plenty of brood in the colony so that the bees have ‘bonded’ to the hive. Cheers

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