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Breakfast is served: Cut-comb honey

My daughter just sent me this photo of Honey and croissants served at a breakfast buffet in Buenos Aires.

A dramatic presentation


Oh that is so cool…

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Very similar to one at O’Rielly’s behind the Gold Coast. Verry runny.

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I’ve seen a similar serving stand online somewhere where a frame is uncapped and inverted and the honey runs/drips out and is caught in a copper channel and directed to a bowl. It was very fancy and decadent. Can’t remember where I saw it


Yes, very similar to a breakfast buffet we had in Hawaii. Can’t remember if it was on Maui or O’ahu. I only had a teeny taste. Didn’t look all that inviting.
But at some other resort, they served cut comb on a plate. I liked that better and carved a chunk off.

I wonder how much honey gets wasted with these kinds of setups.

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If I was the chef at the hotel, I would take the dish under the frame and drain it every day into a jar after breakfast. Then I would use the jarred honey in my gourmet dishes served at exorbitant prices! :smile:


Same here Dawn, I know there’s a lot of food waste at those types of places. It seems criminal to waste honey.

I can see how easy it would be for this topic to go off course. “Food waste”. My pet hate.


that’s immediately what I thought when I saw one- ‘seems wasteful’? I hate wasting any honey and go to silly lengths to try and save every spoonful. I look at a teaspoon of honey left somewhere and think: some bee worked it’s whole life to make that- and now I’ve just wasted it!


Speaking of comb honey, what’s the going rate for a 4" square of it, or in ounces/grams however it’s sold in your area? I saw boxes of squares from shallow frames being sold at a gift shop in Lancaster county PA - granted a very touristy place - for $22!!


I would say that $20+ for 12oz is pretty typical in my area. I would go for $25, because mine is “ultra local” :smile: :rofl: :joy:


I found this at my co-op the other day; I think they are dreaming…

They didn’t even bother to surround the comb with liquid honey!


As a matter of interest… do they freeze the comb to stop any beatle/ moth lava growing in the jar?

2.5 ounces? :scream: 70grams? Tell 'em their dreaming (the castle).

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Wwow, would anyone buy that — at any price. that reminds me of years ago someone was selling cans of fresh air. :joy:

No idea. But I doubt it.

I know! Too crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: even for Seattle. Then I found this on Amazon, same honey-but even pricier :crazy_face:

The other honey in the photo is much more reasonably priced, at 8 or 11 oz for the cut comb.

Thanks for your thoughts.


If they can sell it at that price…good luck to them.
I’ve noticed that bee keepers undervalue their product to a ridiculous degree. My feeling is that you shouldn’t even be trying to compete with supermarket prices. Market it as something special.
The people who’ll buy raw honey at a market for $9/kilo don’t care about the product, just the price.


Fresh air is a big seller from Australia to China. I can’t remember the company name but they have numerous sites around Australia were they can the air (sea, mountain, desert, etc).

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