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Staff and Moderator Introductions

Introduce your self, let everyone know what you’re up to and where you are from. Say Hi!

I’m Jake, I’ll be here to keep the forum up and running and encouraging discussions to stay on track and friendly. I look forward to joining the conversation on all things bees :sunny:

I’ve watched the Flow Hive project evolve over the past ten years or so, helping cut out bits of plastic honeycomb watching some get filled with honey and sometimes waiting months just to see if one little idea could work. Great to see Cedar and Stu’s persistence and vision come to fruition.

I’ve kept bees when I was younger and helped Cedar and a few others with their bees. Now with my delving into the world of Flow Hive I’m busy hunting for a new swarm.

Hello Jake :slight_smile: Forgive me while I learn to navigate through the forums. I sent a message to you to introduce myself and then I discovered the Staff and Moderator Introductions forum.
I am thrilled to be part of the Flow Hive Forum as a member of the moderator team.I will change my profile photo when I go through my camera to find the one I want.
I live in North Carolina, USA and from your time zone I suppose I have the night shift :slight_smile:

Greetings! I’m Tate, from Central WY - the ‘High Plains’ of the Rocky Mountains. Currently I have 5 colonies just getting started in the back yard. I was part of a commercial outfit about 30 years ago. But, life, family and career in other arenas took me away from beekeeping all together. Now that I’ve time, space and resources, I’m back into it! (just this Spring) But with a difference. Not having to make my living off it, I can enjoy it. Make it a hobby - something I can be a bit lavish with and do a few of those things no money making commercial beek would have time or resources to enjoy. My ‘day job’ is in a technical arena at a large bureaucracy - it’s quite nice to come home to the simplicity (not simplistic!) and dynamics of honey bees, relax and enjoy things ‘just working’.

Shalom there. My name is Yonatan Miller. I live in Israel, northern Negev/Sheflalah near Kiryat Gat. I have been considering getting a Flow Hive. I am a complete newbee to beekeeping and wanted to speak to other Israelis, IN ENGLISH, about how they have been doing with Flow Hive. my local number is 054-232-7234