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Buying Nucs from Gumtree Western Australia


Dear Members

I’m a complete newbie to bee-keeping. And I just found out that, due to the Flow Hive, there is a huge backlog of nucs in the Perth Region

So I’m trying my luck on Gumtree.

Anyone with experiences with buying nucs from Gumtree in WA? Please do share as I do not know what relevant questions to ask the seller.

As added info, I’m kinda leaning towards WSP size box

Thank you all :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron, I am based in Sydney but the rules are the same. If buying Nucs off Gumtree:

  • Are the bees coming from a reputable breeder or a backyard hobbyist, this is livestock and a breeder should know the lineage or genetic traits of their breed. Ask about the person at your local club, join a Beekeeping facebook group and ask about the seller there too.

  • Get an ironclad guarantee that they are free of disease, that is; AFB, EFB, Chalkbrood & Nosema

  • The boxes should be a minimum of 5 frames and you want bees on every frame, ask for quality photos of the frames of bees and brood, on pickup perform another inspection or take along an experienced beekeeper to verify you getting what you paid for.

  • Make sure she is a young queen, no older than 12months

  • Don’t pay more than you should, usually the going price is no higher than $150 sometimes less if you return the box or exchange for new frames with wax.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Rod! Great tips for a newbie.



I know of one very experienced beek in perth who does nucs through gumtree. He normally buys in bred queens for his nucs. So worth asking if they do that.

Cant see his add on gumtree atm though. There are a number of shops that do nucs as well. So try them all… i got lucky last year and the prices were similar.


There was someone on here who had a very bad experience purchasing bees on gumtree, I’ll go back through my activity & see if I can find it as he named the person. I think it was @skeggley…but not 100% sure


Found it!! Then I lost it …then I found it …again. So topic name was “Should I feel slighted” & Skeggley is in WA, I did check the supplier out & were still advertising on Gumtree. I would contact Skeggley & get the full story before purchasing from anyone :wink:

Hiya Bobby your’re not alone, I got ripped off by a fella who probably couldn’t stop laughing at how he duped the stupid newbee. I’m not even going to say how ripped off I got for my $150 nuc but my nearest reputable supplier couldnt supply until October this year so I jumped the gun… Still kicking myself and would like to give the seller a piece of my mind and maybe a bit more… However I’ve put it down to a learning experience and this has made me even more determined to succeed in this new endeavour. …
I just hope no one else gets duped by the bloke who advertises duty of care in Gumtree… There, I’ve named and shamed. Naughty me. Feel better though.
Apologies for the vent…”


This colony did not survive winter unfortunately but not unexpectedly. Although assured it was a colony of good stocks I have my doubts.
I did send this guy a polite email because the above vent apparently didn’t brush the chip off my shoulder and I felt it my duty of care to let him know I wasn’t happy and, to his credit I received a phone call with promises to make things right so it may not be finished yet but having two nucs from two different suppliers ordered and the pot colony i must utter the famous last words “I have enough bees.”…
I must get some pics up here of said nuc’s plastic frames’ comb build cos they’re quite interesting from a newbs perspective. Not a good plastic in hives experience hopefully the next one will make good.
Probably time to get my pot thread updated.


Hey A

I live down near Mt Barker and have 2 active hives on my 30ac. (I lost my 3rd one) It adjoins to bush so they have ample pollen. This year is a killer due to the huge rainfall and cold temps.
One is full of honey and the other not.

I’ve just set up 3 extra baited boxes in hopes of catching a swarm or three.
As I have 3 Flowhive set ups plan on having 4 in total with a spare empty box.
Next year would try to sell a Nuc or 2 if am successful this year.
It seems ALL the apiarists aren’t able to sell any queens or nuts this year.

I’ve got a lead on an old timer in Hamilton Hill that may be able to help.

Am still waiting for his details.
Let me low if your near there and will pass the details to you if I get them.


Hi Kirsten & Skeggley

Thanks for the heads up! Really appreciate it.

I just joined WAAS and the people there are most helpful. I have asked one of the experts there and he might have some idea on how to get some nucs. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Hi onrbikes

Thanks for the help! I’m game if the old timer in Hamilton Hill has some nucs for sale. I’m actually based in north east of Perth.

Thank you all for your kind assistance!!


Hiya aaron_y, welcome to the forum. There is a bee supply company in the Hilton area who I’m getting a nuc off next month, ordered and paid for in April. Jack there is quite helpful he is also pro Flow. I’m not sure of his waiting list length. You do have to pay up front also which includes the 4 frame nuc box.
Please keep in mind my gumtree story may have been a once off and there may be good sellers advertising. I wouldn’t have a problem buying a swarm colony but I would like to see how quality queens go. Currently my hive, which was probably a swarm last year, is doing really well but I’ve nothing to compare it with yet.
Good luck with your hunt.


Hi skeggley

Thanks for the info

Will look it up