Can we keep bees again? Varroa in Sydney

I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere on the DPI website. We had our bees destroyed a few months ago after being declared a red (eradication) zone.

We are now in a yellow (management) zone.

Does that mean we can buy and keep bees again?

Hi Matt, my guess would be yes you can keep bees again. I wouldn’t ask, I’d be straight back into it.

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Better to ask forgiveness than ask permission, @JeffH? You must have served in the military! The US Navy guys that I worked with were frequently like that when they wanted to do something for the common good, but didn’t want to deal with red tape…


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Hi again Matt, Wilma just told me that beekeepers are asking when the poison baits will be removed… Therefore it would be wise to check on that before commencing.


The baiting program has stopped, so not an issue. Keeping bees is allowed again. Those in the management zone have to use DPI supplied mitacide strips and sticky mats. We all have to do alcohol or soapy water washes at least every 16 weeks and report result. This is the initial transition to management requirements. Things will change and it could take three years to complete the transition phase.

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Great to know. Looking forward to getting set up again.