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Candy board and quilt box - ready for winter!


Just adding some pics of my candy board and quilt box - now added to the hive just in time for winter :snowflake:


Hey @Coco - neat work! I’m intrigued by your use of what looks like a queen excluder as a bottom. What type of fill will you use, and will you also have a cloth or other breathable barrier?


Wait a sec - that’s on your candy board, right (yellow box)?So your fondant goes inside/right on top of the excluder?


Hi Eva!

Yes it’s on the bottom of the yellow candy board with candy sitting right on top.

I’ve used linen on the bottom of the pink quilt box and filed it with Kottespån ( i dont know what the exact english word is for it!) but it’s light wood shavings.

I hope it works!