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Cape Town - SOUTH AFRICAN flow keepers


Hi Faroe

Do have flow box ?
mY EMAIL :arthgreen@hotmail.com from Zambia.




Hi Aton

Do you have flow box in your yard,I will be in South Africa October
my cell Num in SA 0741835653 land Num 0217152904 and email:

Hear from you soon




Hi Anton

Do you off any one who has a flow hive box in Cape town.




HI Thoams has yuor flow hive arrrived yet ,
keen to meet with you when in SA




Hi do you have flow hive box yet





Indeed I do. A grand of VAT later and it is with me in Cape Town. I will probably deploy it in spring. The frames are quite funky and look like they may work, the box itself is bog standard wood with a few extra holes in it - nothing special. The construction is accurate though, it all fits together well.



Hi Anton
where are you based in Cape Town South Africa



No we never ordered we were just very interested in the “feedback” at
that stage.

All the feedback I saw was very to quite negative.

Did you order one?


HI Thomas has flow hive arrived yet.
any update on your flow hive




Hi CT BeePeeps!
I’m new to this and wanting to get a flow hive as it seems like the easiest system to manage. @AntonPotgieter, would you have time for a quick chat about costs and process to import the hives? I’m either CBD or Constantia based or can give you a call.
Thanks a mill,


I see you eventually got your flow hive at a price.

Want have chat with you in process of importing a flow hive.




Good day all, just to let you know that the Flow Frames work 100% with our SA bees, we just harvested 5,5kg from2 frames. We live in Somerset West.

What type of bees are the best to purchase for the FLOW HIVE?


Thanks. My first flow super is still being filled so hopefully will be able to confirm this soon.

I did hear a comment yesterday that because our bees are smaller than overseas, they can get into areas of the frames that other bees can’t, and gum these up with propolis making the mechanisms get stuck – any experience of that?

Do you have Cape or African bees?



Hi Anton

It was a wild swarm we caught, so I can only assume that it is cape. The one area they seem to “escape” is at the top of the frame where the lever goes in. I inserted a flat piece of plastic at the top like the one needed at the bottom and this sorted it. So now when tapping the bees do not climb through the gap at the back and aren’t really phased with us taking the honey at the back of the hive. Just remember to tilt the hive back a bit to make it easier for the honey to flow out when harvesting. also double check how to insert the little pipe with the lip into the frame, if it is the wrong way round you can spill honey into the hive. As for gumming up, I have not experienced any issues.


That’s good news :slight_smile: Do you have any photos or videos?
I noticed you said a wild swarm, so I guess you don’t know if they are Africanised bees or not?
Or what type of bees they are?
We are just trying to get as much info as possible for people enquirying in different regions.

Maybe some photos of the bees would help and someone might be able to identify them?


Hi Faroe, our bees are definately Apis Mellifera Capensis, a.k.a. the cape honey bee. They are as african as they come.
You can have a look at my photos on Instagram, I sent the FlowHive Insta account some details earlier today.


Okay, thanks for that :slight_smile:
Sounds like they might be a bit different to the “African” honeybee, Apis mellifera scutellata, but I will pass on the info to our research manager.


I’m currently living in London, but moving back to Cape Town in June. I’ll be bringing one or two Flow hives back with me. My skin is crawling with excitement. Can’t wait to connect with the beekeeping community in South Africa - I have so much to learn!


Hi! I’m from Overberg area, Cape. Did u manage to get FlowHive?



Yes, it is near Malgas. I will know in about a week how the bees have taken to it.