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Christmas Gift from friends


Hilarious!!! I’m jealous :laughing::flushed::joy:


See what you get when you have computer literate bees. We should all train some.

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Merry Christmas Busso :slight_smile: I’ve been listening to the ABC radio. A bloke from Busselton phoned in to say what he was doing on this Christmas Day. He was in a paddock shoveling cow manure to take to his parents for Christmas. Then he was going to spread it in their garden for them. What a great Christmas present.


A terrific gesture and I’m sure a lot more appreciated than a shop bought present.
Happy Xmas to you and Wilma all the best for 2020.

Hi Peter, many thanks. Merry Christmas to you two.

I’m still waiting for that 40-60 mils of rain we had a 95% chance of getting. I guess we had a 5% chance of not getting it.

This December is feeling so much like last December - always forecasting rain in 5 days time which never gets to four days and no chance of actually getting even a few mm.
Sort of makes me think the weather forecasters are a lot like politicians - all talk about better times ahead while they ignore the here and now. A real shame that Scott Morrison is such a climate denier and totally deaf to the people who gave him his job, but he is a great salesman. A shame that politicians aren’t elected based on actual performance rather than their ability to talk about promises they aren’t going to keep. But hey, that’s just my opinion. :thinking: :thinking:
Cheers to you, and of course Wilma

Thanks Pete, we got about 20 mil on Tuesday night, plus a brief shower this morning.

With the forecasters these days they give a %age of the likelihood of rain. I thought 95% would be a certainty, however they had that 5% up their sleeve in case it didn’t rain. Usually 95% means RAIN.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have had an evening shower from memory. Actually it more like a heavy mist, the lawn was damp but the path stayed dry.
Your right, they can always use that 5% as an open way out of another dud forecast. Mount Coolum seems to divert and showers coming from the South so I miss out. :thinking: I was hoping for some rain as my Xmas present.
Cheers mate

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Sorry, but a ute full of cow s**t is not what I would hope for at Christmas. Hope he had a backup plan.

One mans shit can be gold to a gardener – just had to say it. :grin: :grin: :grin:


Yeah but what about the effort involved in collecting it as well as spreading it around the garden. Some people might appreciate all of that effort more than a store bought gift. Especially older people that are hard to buy for because they usually have everything they need.

I only mentioned it because Busselton is where Busso lives. I checked Busso’s profile to make sure.

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He does.

We are lucky enough to have a small place surrounded by farms, mainly beef cattle. 35 years ago I ask my next door neighbour if he minded if I collected some of the sun dried cow pats. He said go for your life. Eager to establish gardens I put the pats through a mulcher and eagerly spread heaps on the new garden beds. What a disaster. The end result was garden beds with the best patch of rye grass, clover and some other nasties you would ever find. :cry: :cry:
My advice,…don’t use cow pats in the garden unless you treat it for grass seed. :wink:

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I use cow manure regardless of the weeds. I recognize the weeds that comes from the cow pats. I dig or pull them out. I only use it around my vegetables which gets heavily mulched as well.

I get one nasty weed. It’s thorny right down to the ground. I take delight in pulling them out while still young. I see them growing in the paddocks where the cows graze.