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Clermont farm beekeeping meet up


Hello i have a ten acres farm in clermont florida usa and i woul like to offer to create a beekeepers meet at my farm so i can learn more n meet new beekeepers in our are because we are new to the clermont are.
Thank you
Gil papadrone


Could I humbly suggest that you add to your profile that you are in Florida, USA? This is an international forum with beekeepers in Australia, Europe, Asia etc, and it would really help to know which Clermont (there are several) that you are in. Thank you! :blush:


@Papadrone And there was me thinking that Clermont is only a solid days drive up the highway for me, then the penny dropped that we have 5 Clermont’s in Australia.
It would be helpful to others to fill out there profile and it can still be done by going to your icon on the top right of the screen and clicking on it then following it through to update Gil.
A welcome to the forum where you will find lots of information and new friends in the bee community worldwide.


Thank you im sorry i did not noticed my mistake. Yes clermont florida usa