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Connecting with Flow users in West Sussex - UK

Hello Everyone,

I have just purchased my hybrid flow hive which is due to arrive this week. I live on Holmbush Farm - Horsham UK. We already have bees on the farm looked after by a local bee keeper. Last year I decided to get into beekeeping myself. I enrolled on a course which has been postponed to Corona. So I have been leaning about bee keeping online. I have also joined my local beekeeping association etc. I keep getting resistance from people when I talk about Flow Hive. So it would be great to get in touch with Flowers around West Sussex. I am now trying to source bees. It would be great to hear any advise.

Many thanks,


Sadly, that is very common. However, there is a solution. Talk about having a Langstroth hive instead! The Flow hive is actually a Langstroth hive, just the super and honey extraction method is a little different. We can help you here with advice about the super, but your local bee club will probably be more willing to help with bees if you say you have a Langstroth hive. :blush:


Thank you, @Dawn_SD, that is a very good idea. I’ll say that from now on. My beekeeping association is not able to help with supplying bees at the moment. Their apiary is closed. However, I was able to get hold of a Nuc from I Want Bees Today which is great news!

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Facebook has a UK FlowHive group and others from your area.

I live in the West Midlands and came across the same negative acceptance when I joined my local BBKA club but I persivered and was there to learn more about beekeeping not my FlowHive.

There is no difference other than harvesting the honey and boy did some of them change thier tune when I invited them to harvest with me last year.

I had planned to do the same this year and video thier reactions to post on here. Hopefully I still will later in the season.

Go to your club and learn if they are not friendly then find another in your area there are plenty.

The BBKA are endorsing my FlowHive project at work and plan on articles in the members magazine on an ongoing basis so in time the fuddy duddies will come around.

I’m determined to change traditional beekeepers minds in the UK towards the FlowHive even if they don’t use one.

It’s all about the bees after all.

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Thank you, @HappyHibee. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to show them how the flow hive works too. I’m also planting to purchase a National as I want to get experience from both.