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Hello from the UK (Nr Guildford, Surrey)


Hello fellow beekeepers

Just thought I would post an introduction…I live just outside of London, on the way to Guildford in Surrey.

I am a horticulturist by trade (currently working at RBG Kew) and am a new-bee beekeeper, having recently completed the theory and practical courses with Surrey Bees.

At present I have one hive at home, with plans to increase next year to two or three.

I am using Rose hives and adopting much of the principles Tim Rowe developed alongside his Rose hives.

Why here on the Flow forum?..Well I have ordered the National Flow hive super…to add to the Rose Hive (which is now three boxes high, from an April installed nuc)…hopefully its not too late to add it?

Any Flow Hive staff in the forum? - If so, do you sell the adjustable feet, that you have installed on the Flow 2.

Happy beekeeping



@Faroe is often here. :wink:

Are you saying that Flow now has a British National size Flow super? I thought they stuck to Langstroth size hive. Interesting if they branching out. :thinking:



Good to know! Oh and welcome, by the way! :blush:


Nectar flow largely over in the UK with just a few garden flowers unless you are lucky enough to have Himalayan Balsam or Japanese Knotweed.
You could try but it might be better to put that super on in April next year.
It will be time to treat soon and the only thing you can use with honey supers on is MAQS and I wouldn’t dare use it at this time of year unless I had a spare queen


@Bianca is sometimes here too.


Hi @Tim.H,

Welcome to the Flow Forum and that’s great to see that you have purchased a UK National Flow Super.

We’re not currently manufacturing a leg kit for any Flow products other than the Flow Hive 2, however, it is possible that this could be something available in the future but I don’t have a lead time for this sorry.

We would love to hear how your Flow Super goes with the Rose Hive so please keep us in the loop. Keep in mind to only add the Flow Super to a hive that is completely drawn with comb and is packed with bees, and be mindful if there is enough time left in the season to give them optimum chances for the best start.

Good luck!



Hello! I am from New York!