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#eBay flow frames


Flow now have an eBay presence so you can buy directly from them


although I’m perplexed why the US available products are cheaper than the Australian ones. For example 6 flow frames would be A$398 +shipping if bought from the US or A$389 +shipping from the Australian available stock.


currency fluctuations?


I spotted my first fake flow hive today. Some people got me to remove bees out of their wall cavity to put into their flow hive. The bloke told me straight away, as soon as I looked at it that it was a fake. I didn’t look at the frames, however I had a look at the QX… Instead of metal or plastic, the wire parts are made from cane/bamboo. That was intriguing.

The bottom box looks pretty rough. The standard frames are very loose & only just sit on the ledge of the brood box. I could see how the owner went to a lot trouble getting the boxes to go together.

Our main focus was getting the bees out of the wall. I didn’t have time to look at the frames.

The bloke said “a flow hive cost about $2,000.00” … I replied, “about a thousand”…


Hope you charged them a “motza” Jeff.


Hi Rodd, not really, I just googled “motza”. I charged $165. I have more to do which I’ll charge extra for.


It’ll be interesting to see how they go. My prediction: down the road -any savings they may have made on day one will prove to be illusory…


Hi Jack, do mean the difference between the price of the genuine article to the fake? I’m inclined to agree with you.

Today was a real eye opener for them. They had no idea how much was involved. The lady admitted that she just wanted to turn the key & collect honey. They live not far away, so I’ll help them as much as I’m able.

They learned a lot today, they even got to see some SHB’s


It’ll be interesting if you help them- to see if the fake frames work. The friend I have who tried them had fake ones had absolute zero success after 8 months. Hive was booming but they never touched the frames at all.

I wonder how good the spacing is on that bamboo QX…


There is no substitute for research and comparing value for money. Even worth finding someone in the game when handing over that sort of money, I have bought a Chinese welder in the past, and it had a malfunction after about 3 hours of use. I assume they are not supposed to go off with a loud bang and instantly burst into flames. Three of us with the welder on top of a container, none of us used the ladder to get off the container!!!


Hi Jack, I had to look closely to see if I wasn’t seeing things. The bamboo wires are nice and straight & the spacing looks good. There’s quite a few support pars. I’ll be interested to see if the bees ever chew through them. I’m just thinking, it could be the same bamboo they make meat skewers from.

I googles bamboo queen excluder & found plenty of images of them. A lot in the shape of a follower board.


Jeff, considering that my bees will chew out the entrance of a hive if it is not big enough, I don’t fancy taking the gamble with a bamboo QX.


No I agree Rodd. Maybe bamboo is too hard for them to chew. There’s lots of images of them on the internet. I’m interested to see how long it lasts.


Hi Jack, They have a nice size colony in the box, however I didn’t get the queen. An inspection yesterday revealed emergency queen cells.

Anyway we’ll see if or when they take to the fake flow frames in about 6 months time.

They don’t have any trouble taking to the genuine flow frames around here.


I have been looking at the ‘flow’ frames on EBay here in Australia and also seen clips on YouTube where guys had bought cheap frames on EBay only to have has issues. What I have found that is cheap on Ebay is not the genuine article and is just Chinese made copies. Most show photo’s and in them is the tube you slide into the bottom of the frame but if you look closely the little external lug that is on the genuine flow frame kit tubes is missing. That in itself you may consider as not important but on YouTube there is complaints about the product they bought on EBay thinking they were onto a good thing only to find issues with the kit. Some conceded they had thought the quality might be the same but it wasn’t but the odd complainant still thought they had the genuine article and were complaining about Flow Frame in Australia. It is nonsense to think the genuine article would be for sale on EBay at less than half the price quoted by Stu and Cedar.


[quote=“Semaphore, post:210, topic:2863”]
“considering that ‘Flow’ is a registered trademark-” Are you sure “Flow Hive” has registered the word “flow”? Flow has been used as a verb since at least as far back as the 1770’s and probably well beyond that date. James Cook RN regularly used it to describe a movement of a body of water as in “Tidal flow was strong”, “…the flow of the stream was sufficient…” But I have no doubt “Flow Hive” is registered and a court decision would be a positive result in favor of Stu and Cedar.


Here are a few reasons Adam. Flow is still the ONLY patented tappable honey technology.

All other products are counterfeits, and we are looking into these with our legal team.
As you know, Flow has researched, tested and continued to develope our technology over 15 years now.

We use sustainable and ethically sourced materials:

All our plastics are certified food safe by intependant studies:

Flow also supports community and business for positive purpose:

Flow has created multiple sources of online beginner beekeeping content, including beginner beekeeping videos 1, this Community Forum you are on now, as well as club support around the world.
We now have a total of 80 engaged Beekeeping clubs on our public directory map (this means we have provided Flow support, products, and information to the Bee Clubs so they can assist any new members that have a Flow Hive).

Interested clubs can register here:

Flow has a worldwide guarantee and customer support available via chat, email and telephone.

What else… the inventors are true blue Aussies :australia: who have done their best, worked over a decade before the product was ready for market and started this company from scratch before anyone knew this idea was possible or even feasible :sunrise: :weight_lifting_man: :tada: :ocean:

I think that about sums it up :wink:


Have no problem with that. It was an observation about the cost of the flow products on Australian eBay Vs Us eBay.


Just an update on the cut-out at Buderim. An inspection today revealed a beautiful laying queen with sealed worker brood.

It could have ended differently. I instructed the people to contact me after so many weeks to make sure we had a properly mated queen, otherwise they’d finish up with a laying worker. After a couple of extra weeks passed, I contacted them to remind them that we need to check to make sure we have a properly mated queen & to also straighten up the combs from the cut-out before it gets out of hand.

There is a lesson for any new beekeepers that are using a mentor. TAKE NOTICE OF HIM/HER. He/she probably has the welfare/best interest of your colony at heart.

I was pleased I put the original post on here because it gave me a record of when the colony went queenless. That would be 6 weeks ago.


An update:

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