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#eBay flow frames




I also reported this to Ebay. I can’t find it on Amazon anymore, so maybe a small victory. The Chinese market has no scruples, melamine in dog food, lead in children’s toys, etc… We’ve got to stop the madness!!


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Oh that is a positive response, I wonder if they will do the same to everyone who buys and then demands a return? eBay would be best to shut them down now and save everyone the hassle and expense.


That sounds very much like a standard letter. was this from eBay?


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I originally thought it was from the seller.

Not enough sleep up until 3am


Nice one @DextersShed !! Hopefully they will learn their lesson. I had a look at the frames that @MartinB had there were a few issues with them and they looked very unlikey to last and I was dubious as to whether they would function properly from the start, hopefully not too many people got them thinking they were flow frames, or if they did I hope they do the same as you have done Dexter and demanded a return.


Jake, you should give dexter a freebie…I mean a free flow!


I think I may order off ebay now that I have them closed down on Amazon for the moment.

What can I say? I’m easily amused ; -)

Make sure you leave feedback whre other buyers can see it.


Have y’all seen the ones on Alibaba’s US site, Aliexpress yet? They pretty much stole the entire Indiegogo page.



China is the country we have been bending over to get free trade agreements. To our peril seems done and dusted.
This example of the blatent disregard by China of another counties industry is true to form and I consider disrespectful.

While we can have small wins by lobbying eBay or Amazon, the only way to make a true difference is for for the Minister for Trade and Investment The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP, Or Minister for Agriculture The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP Or Minister for Industry and Science The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP Or all three to make a complaint to the Chinese Government. The Chines Government can stop this cold immediately if it wanted. It won’t unless our Government complains. Even then the Chinese may say “up you” and continue ripping off our technology.

Lobbying Government Minister must come from the Company, BeeInventive Pty Ltd or the patent holder.



Negotiating with or complaining to the Chinese government it useless. There have been big database hacks that have been traced to governmental buildings in China and even with that evidence, their government still wouldn’t own up to it. Why would they stop copyright infringing when it benefits their country and economy? I don’t know what the solution is. All I can do is personally stop buying things made in China, which I have been trying really hard to do for years now, but isn’t always possible. In the states, I can’t find tubes for my bicycle tires that aren’t made in China, so there is no other choice if I want to ride my bicycle.


Yes Dustin what you say is frightening.
We are all to blame a bit. We let all our manufacturing go to China so we can pay a few cents less. Our greed has made them so strong I think if China placed an embargo on the rest of the world, the western world would collapse.

Should not stop our politicians complaining on a ministerial level when they do wrong. If we stopped pandering to them things would be a lot better. All we in Australia seem to be doing is fulfilling all their demands.
End of rant



After meeting one of the flow guys today at our local bee meeting, I was very pleased to find they had been manufactured in Brisbane, will now have no hesitation in buying some once they are available! Always happy to spend more cash for something locally made


I actually can’t find any flow frames on ebay when I search for them… which seems a good sign to me. I tried “flow frame” and “taotuo frame” and “taotuo bee”. if they’re still up, can you post a link so I can report them too?

Edit: wait scratch that, I see the links are now in the original post :slight_smile:


They are still out there :frowning:


I sent them an email saying they are selling Fakes - They are based inside China


If you do some digging on the site they are also advertising them on their Facebook Page Valli.


Yes I saw that…