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#eBay flow frames


Thats a turn of events, I wonder if this so-called Chines Patent is the real deal or just another fabrication to justify their counterfeit operation? As long as they keep posting these items, we need to keep sending them FAKE and COUNTERFEIT letters. Make it known they are breaking the law. I am disappointed in eBay that this seller is clearly breaking its own rules but will not act to withdraw the items.


Order for number 3 complete hive done … busting for december . :sunglasses:


What have you ordered?? I’m having 2 full Flow Hives


3 complete full flows Valli and once i get these 3 will order 3 more and do away with my timber boxs 10 frame langs have 16 of them .


You’re lucky the freight is not too bad for you. Will want to see photies


Sure will put photos up .Red cedar oiled up will look fantastic… :grinning:


I posted the link the first day the ads came out on ebay and the Flow hive people never responded…not sure what, if anything, they are doing about it.



Ebay Australia is not showing anymore listings for the fake frames - too early to call a victory?


No I just checked as we’ll , looks like a Win for the flow team .


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Couldn’t find it there but plenty on EBay USA. The fakers now have a patent no. from China:


Serial no. 2015051600046040

So it is more wtf? Granted a patent for copying and pasting images, videos, intellectual property from a website? Shameful Chinese fakers. I am sure you all want to make money but this is pretty dishonest. And illegal.


Hi @docbill4u, thanks for letting us know about the fakes. We had quite a few people let us know, so I’m sorry if your post got missed. We are busy talking with ebay and amazon plus we have some patent lawyers working on it. It is amazing how slowly some of these large organizations are at times. We are doing what we can to make sure these fraudulent sellers are shut down.


We’ll Jake I think you guys have won the battle with these pirates for now and protected the flow hive name . I have done a check on eBay USA, UK and the Aussie site and no fake flows … Well done to the other people on my topic that also help pester these fake flow sellers.

Cheers Pete


Looks like they’re selling 2 frames, maybe they got the early bird.
They have no respect and have stolen images to use in their listing.


It is amazing to me how engaged our supporters are. It really warms my heart, and I know others feel the same way, for everyone to be so supportive.

The counterfeits smell disgusting! I had a box opened in front of me and I immediately got a headache, truthfully repulsive. I hope that nobody else has to endure this.

If there are concerns any product might be counterfeit the official Ebay links for reporting are listed below:

Anonymous Reporting Ebay counterfeit reporting link

Australian Ebay counterfeit reporting link - Requires Ebay account
On the above page, click the link that says “report listings that offer counterfeit items or replicas.”


Bit like their honey?


A BIG thank you to everyone who put in complaints to ebay and amazon. You guys rock! I guess it will be an on going issue but I think if we all keep a bit of an eye on them they will be shut down before they can get started again.


China might not have any money to make them soon.


Me too! That’s 5 reviews they have all of 1 star!


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