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#eBay flow frames


That page won’t load for me… strange


They have a Facebook page. I would suggest to either ask them about where they got their frames from or bombard them with bad feedback.


You can send them a private message and explain your view point, I just did because the "comment option " is now closed for me. ???


Same here… sent them message asking to explain themselves, Why are they violating International Patent Law?


I put a complaint into Facebook and was acknowledged but now I can’t fine the reply


Looks like they got shut down. I just went to visit and got this
Sorry, this content isn’t available right nowThe link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.Go back to the previous page · Go to News Feed · Visit our Help Center


Dont worry too much, we all know China products most of it are fake and not healthty products can cos dangers for our human body, nobody will buy those products which can cos their consumers run away. Just GO AND SELL YOUR FLOW HIVE, honestly your product are cheap and only china people will buy those fake make by china only. Does Australian think few hundred are expensive to them? it is totally CHEAP Man.


reply from Dasso:

Who is telling you is fake , do you even know what we are selling !!!

once you check the product you know ,

thank you

My reply:
I know Flow hive frames can ONLY be bought from Australia fro HoneyFlow.com and you are breaking the Law!!!


Interesting they are being very careful to not display any pictures of the flow frames in their Facebook page since it has been reinstated. Also you have to request their website address instead of it being public. And I get a blank white page if I try to go to their website directly from the address bar in the browser.




The ones in the box are the Fakes the others are Flows!

Please all email them!!!



I have no idea why, perhaps a firewall thing, but I get nothing when I load those pages from where I am. Just a plain blank white page nothing more.


Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Dassobee?fref=ts


my email to them sent…


Nice one… lots of comments of fake Flow frames on the FB page


OK Latest From Dasso!!! Did someone have the patent number to send them??

so now one can buy from honeyflow.com and ressel it
dont be silly valli

P.S : you have to know that honeyflow.com did early delivery

thank you

my reply:
You are infringement of patent - Only www.HoneyFlow.com is licensed to sell Flow Hives - It is their invention that you have stolen.

You are in Breach of Copyright and Patent #

Flow Hive Patent No. which is US 2014/0370781 A1 Published date of Dec 18 2014


I don’t believe these people!!


Valli , its not me to blame go blame chinese factory who made the exact technology I’m just small reseller i bought few pcs and I’m selling them its not my product


So you at Dasso are quite happy to sell fraudulent products made from unsafe toxic plastic and blame somebody else???

Dasso is happy to sell products that are Fake and don’t Care

Dasso is quite happy to steal profit and credit for something that is Stolen

Dasso is poisoning people and don’t care?


No i checked they don’t have it now


Nice work Valli if we all just keep hitting them with email thay will stop selling them.
I also think the flow team is very lucky to have all these people looking out for there product.


another reply from Dasso:

Hello ,

The product is exactly the same plastic material as at flowhive tested by the factory whom we bought from they testify it to us so :

1- the product is not poisoning people , if so so you should start blaming flowhive first for it cuz they making also from the same plastic

2- the product is not fake as its not high high technology its just design

3 - if the people don’t ask we don’t sell

4- how many new technology in beekeeping tools are out there and many factory are making it and selling !!!

5- our company do care about people

6- people are aware that this product is from china and yet they asking to get it (anyone who ask we tell him its from china factory)