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#eBay flow frames


My reply:




From Dasso

go check our website to be sure that we are not selling this product

we removed the item



To Dasso:

You are still advertising Flow hives on your blog!!! http://www.dassobee.com/#!blog/cxck


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United States Patent US2223561 , there is nothing new about flowhive

Patent for Flow-style beehive: 1940 Patent US2223561



The flow frames are significantly different from that one. Even if that product was still being made a new patent would have been issued for the flow frame. They are doing the same thing but not at all in the same way. That’s like saying an electric car and a gas engine car are exactly the same because they move you from point A to point B and have wheels.


you just said it ‘’ They are doing the same thing ‘’ what been done in 1940 so if some one Move from plastic that flowhive do to different material more safe material that will make your point !!!


The 1940 Patent US2223561 , was made by metal the new one was made by plastic i think everything is clear


@Valli and who follow her
United States Patent US2223561 , there is nothing new about flow hive except its from plastic

Patent for Flow-style beehive: 1940 Patent US2223561


this one is a better link to learn about : http://www.google.com/patents/US2223561

They are doing the same thing ‘’ what been done in 1940 so if some one Move from plastic that flowhive do to different material more safe material will not be blamed !!!

The 1940 Patent US2223561 , was made by metal the new one was made by plastic i think everything is clear

dont accuse other of stealing while you protect yours

i know Dasso company they are good company all their goods are controlled

i been talking to them and thats why they removed it from their website , to not raise bad publicity that you want to do

wake up Valli and go learn


@beekeeper1 Sokrat from Hong Kong!!

Do you work for Dasso or are you the supplier of the Fake flow frames??

  1. Cedars idea is quite original and complex
  2. Patent would not have been granted if it infringed another patent
  3. If you look at the 1940 patent it is significantly different.
  4. The patent never went into production as it was unworkable
  5. Patents loose validity after a period of time has elapsed 20 Years generally


Dasso has now removed Flow copied images from their blog!!



1- i am not from hong kong just visiting the city
2- i am not their supplier but i wish to be , i am familiar with their product and their professional work
3- i was surprised once i saw you speaking about their company in badly way ,
4- they told me that they start putting this flow after they knew that the patent is back from 1940 then they stopped
5- the idea is not original its just same as @adagna describe it
6- dasso company is bigger then you valli , iam defending them cuz i know them


@beekeeper1 so you are quite happy to break the law, cheat, sell fakes, poison people with toxic cheap frames and make money at other people’s expense, initiative and think you are clever - you have also just admitted to using/buying stolen articles! - you are such a NICE person



look at the way you talk , totally not professional you accuse who ever speak to you :smile:

i never bought flowhive and will never buy it , I’m defending the Dasso company and i advised them to remove it thats why they stop and i respect them for that
so your argument is false :smile:

i advise you to go learn better about beekeeping
by the way iam one of the commity of http://www.honeybeesuite.com/should-you-go-with-the-flow/


@beekeeper1 then you should be ashamed of yourself.


For what !!!
for being standing against

flowhive is made by plastic , you know what mean plastic
you should be engineer in material to understand dear Valli
We had, in the UK, a flurry of a similar sort around the “Beehaus” – a plastic horizontal hive.
A small number of people tried it, found it indifferent but expensive, and then we all reverted to the cheapest, simplest system that is best understood in our particular neck of the woods.

i am not against invention

at least you should respect Dasso company cuz they remove it after they know that its not good


Flow Frames are made with High Quality Food Plastic not toxic, cheap chemical tainted plastic. The fake frames are badly put together, leak, don’t work properly are not a patch on the original and the frames and literature and videos have all been stolen to advertise this shoddy product.

I have nothing against the Beehaus - it serves a purpose - I know some one who has several - a very good beekeeper in fact!

My Husband is an engineer and I know all about crack growth, finite elements, testing to destruction, patents, Law, company integrity, I’m also a trained chef and understand about food and hygiene, contamination and toxic effects of nano technology.

I have a science degree and can back up my arguments!

I disrespect countries and companies who promote stealing, intellectual theft, produce shoddy copies of other people’s hard work and people who condone, buy, sell and redistribute stolen artefacts and ideas.

So which bit of stealing, and making money off the back of someone’s good idea and initiative will you continue to promote?


No one was promoting and Dasso explain to me that they started putting it because the the idea is well know to them dated from the 1940

the inventor was : Bizcarro Garriga Juan

look at all the picture in the patents and you will see clearly

i dont disrespect flowhive Cedar i respect his model of flowframe and his hard work, what i am saying , is not to jump and accuse any company just because they are in china
turn back your iPhone or mac you will find that is made in china
the most famous product is made out there in china so you have to look in the right place in china : smile:

Gun Powder, Gun, Cannon, Rocket, Tank, Steel, Landmine, Paper, Compass, Printing all are invented by Chinese.

Why don’t you blame all the Company for that , AH ok i see because in that time there where no no patent law or IP laws



I’m from Chinese ancestry!! I’m ashamed to think the proud country my Great Grandfather came from has turned into a money grubbing rip-off communistic dictatorship that steals from the rest of the world what is wants and reproduces it undercutting legitimate business, ideas and treat their people so badly in the process.

Then Dasso Should have made the 1940 version not copied Cedar!! The two are completely different
Ripping off Cedar’s idea IS DISRESPECTFUL !!! It is THEFT. it is breaking the LAW!!!

China can put it’s name on whatever it likes - BUT IT IS STILL THEFT!!!


I quote again , seems that you don’t understand Dasso didn’t make this product and not interested to, it was produced by chinese factory they put it for while then remove it , Go blame those factory who made it and put all your time on them may be cedar will be more happy by your work :smile: