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#eBay flow frames


Valli, it’s a cultural thing. China has no scruples regarding pirating other peoples’ hard work. You seem to have become a one woman “save the flow” campaigner trading insults and brickbats.
The copies will be made and will be sold; some will fail some won’t; some people will be happy some won’t and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.The Originators of the real flow will happily make a tidy profit.
If we want to single out the Chinese for one thing we CAN do something about then perhaps their human rights record bears more than cursory examination.
Sorry…I don’t mean to be derogatory of your efforts but I think you are wasting your time.


@dangerous the injustice just makes me angry and upset that my ancestors have become something of which to be ashamed.

At least Dasso have removed them for the site - It takes one ant one grain of sand at a time to move mountains :smile:


I’ve looked at the patent from 1939/1940 and the mechanism is quite different from the one used in the flowhive. The earlier patent produced a flow of honey by manipulating the rear wall of the honeycomb while the current mechanism manipulates the side walls. The new honeyflow mechanism is a much more elegant solution IMO.

I guess the proof of this particular pudding will be measured in sales. The earlier invention did not become the commercial success we appear to be seeing with the new flow hive. I guess time will tell.

I’m looking forward to getting my flow hives in December. Today I began building some prototype hives out of polystyrene foam and polyurethane glue. I figure the flow hive is radically different so it deserves a hive built to suit its dimensions rather than plonking it into the hives we now use.


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My reward is justice


Again poor Valli think its she how push Dasso to remove the flow hive :smile: :smile:

Valli didnt do anything it was me who talked to their CEO and i explained him all

unbelievable Valli dreamer :smile:


Karma works in mysterious ways…


Wow I do my best to keep things civil and not personal… but you are an idiot my friend. Sure you can make anyone or anything say anything you want when you take 6 words out of context. I said nothing close to what you are implying I said, and it’s clear english isn’t your first language or you would have been able to figure that out on your own.

I said they are doing the same thing just a different way. Let me explain it so you can understand it. Both the 1940 product and the flow frame are doing the same time… they both are frames that sit inside the hive and deliver the honey to a collector by freeing the honey from the cell. That is where the similarity ends. The 1940 patent separates the cell from the back wall in one piece and the honey flows down the cell and down the back wall to the collection trough. The flow hive splits the cells down the middle but never separate from the back wall. Honey flows down the cracks in the cells and out to the collection trough.

Just because the idea or the desire to extract honey without dismantling your hive has been around for some time does not mean that the flow hive didn’t do it differently and better then everyone else. If this other idea is exactly the same then why don’t your friends over at the Chinese factory copy that patented design which isn’t protected anymore? Then they can produce a similar product to compete with the flow hive without being unethical scumbags by stealing their product outright.


@adagna because it doesn’t Work!!! 1940’s design was floored, expensive and never went into production it was a flop, white elephant, folly, disaster,

… and beside the Flow converts the cells into corrugated runnels @beekeeper1 Sokrat

And BTW I can buy Real Flow Hives that are not stolen intellectual property.

Without Dreamers this world would still be in the dark ages so thank you for the back handed compliment


I think it’s more than just Valli in this forum who will question any design that comes from China beekeepr1 and the Dasso company might be losing a lot of it’s reputation as being a legitimate company because of your remarks… China has a reputation of copying items but for a really cheap and minimal amount for basically the same product but in your case it’s not cheap it’s way over priced even for China. Using the same marketing commercial with Cedar & Stu to promote the sale of the Flow frame/hive probably has legal issues pending for the Dasso company trying to market and sell their product. Dasso must be worried about these legal issues so thats why they have pulled most if not all advertisements from their site so they can avoid a lawsuit or some other form of punishment. Regardless it’s just another reason why some people from China have a bad reputation for how they do business with some items. If it’s a new type of Flow frame China should market it with their own commercial and show how the frames are different and also have proof of using the same “safe” plastic! Why use the owners (Stu & Cedar) in a marketing video for a product made in China? Has Dasso hired them to promote their version of a Flow hive frame? I didn’t hear any mention in the commercial of that?

Better give the CEO another jingle and come up with some better excuses. :sunglasses:


Thank You @Mally Very kind of you to say so


Well Valli i think you are doing a great job helping the flow team save the product from Pirates.
And i dont think Valli is trying to get free frames at all she has orders of her own . what i do think needs to happen is a MOD remove beekeeper from the forum he is only trying to make trouble and is not buying a flow hive so there is no need to have an account , he is looking after dirty grubs in china with there fake flow crap.


@gullieshighlander Stubsy (Dexter) was just bantering with me - bit of a joke really so I have no probs with that

I like a good gigggle


Well when i started this topic after finding the ebay flow frames i was pist that china would steel the flow idear so quick an we bom barded ebay with emails till thay took them off only to find more grubs selling fake flow i think we are all trying to help look after the flow idear i myself have spent AU $3600 on there idear and dont like seeing grubs selling fake flows.


Yeh I’ve spent about £1,000 ish and another £2,000 getting bees and kit so I’m in for the long haul


Hubby asked me a direct question the other day so I had to Fess up :blush:


You’re absolutely right. Some people see the potholes in a road. Others see the horizon.


This will never end. Hopefully there is a better strategy in place than what I’ve seen here. Good luck guys.


For us here in the UK I hope the Chinese are better at making nuclear power stations than flow frames.