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#eBay flow frames


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@dangerous Yes not best pleased about that move - it has disaster written all over it!!


There at it again


They are at it again, but that website is not going to make a dent in legit business, as obnoxious as it is. Ballsy of them, using Cedar’s video…


Looking at it carefully I think this is a student web page the Page is dated 2023 and there are no products apart from some earphones


It’s a relay site. Wix.com is the host and they are in turn hosted by GoDaddy. So that site isn’t a domain, it’s just a webpage and the weird date is from the template. Much of the text is from the template if you read down the page.


As a student of web design I know my tutors would get us to do similar things - but if is is it is crap because the site is not finished - Could be end of year project


I wish I could understand all that. My very slightly younger sister heads up her school IT department while I can just manage to type with two fingers.
I guess my head is in a different place.


@Dee My degree was in Multimedia, so it looks reminiscent to me of a student page



Back selling on ebay…


Love how these A$$h@ts use the instructions for “Modifying Langstroth hives for Flow Frames”. Made in Switzerland. Shipped from Istanbul.

Uh Huh.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Stubsy I thought I’d seen them before


Thanks for letting us know, I have forwarded this onto our legal team. They even said “no operation” omg, how are you supposed to operate it, look after your bee’s?

I deleted it just so that unsuspecting people wouldn’t go there through our forum.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I just ordered a flow hive from Amazon and from China. I stumbled across this site and signed up for the forum. I think I’ve been swindled. Hopefully, I can at least use the box and order flow frames from this site. I had no idea I was aiding copyright infringement. I know this is an old post but maybe I can help someone. I’ll let you guys know what it looks like once it arrives if anyone is interested.


Hi Guys,
Just be warned that the plastic may also be inferior and could leak chemicals into your honey. Its just not worth risking your health to save a few bucks. The Flow frames sold through Flow work very well, I managed to extract 20kg of honey from mine yesterday and its show quality, no foreign matter, all clear… fingers crossed for the National Honey competition in Sydney next week.


Sorry to hear you have been swindled.
Please try and return your order for a refund, and notify ebay that it is a copyright product.
I think you should be able to get a full refund.

At the moment we are the sole distributors through our web shop - so you can order here - https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/p/94

As the other guys mentioned, who knows what the plastic they have used is, or even the wood.
We use sustainable sourced timber, made in Australia or the USA. The Flow Frames are all made in Brisbane, Australia, and are BPA and BPS free, and food grade.

Good luck :slight_smile: I hope you can get a refund :four_leaf_clover:


Hello and g’day to all. I am new to beekeeping, new to Flow Hives, new to the forum, BUT experienced in Amazon and eBay’s reluctance and failure to keep counterfeit and IP violations off their sites. Even when notified of the issues the products the merchants remain. In some of my product dealings this has potential life and death consequences.

Just one person can’t make a difference, but a group can.

What I have found to be EXTREMELY successful is when people (many :slight_smile: ) purchase these fakes and then report them as counterfeit and return them to Amazon / eBay. Make sure you always insist that return postage be covered.

"If you’re returning an item because it isn’t as described in the listing [I.E. counterfeit - ed.], the seller is responsible for return shipping charges, regardless of the seller’s return policy. " – (http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/return-item.html#shipping-charges)

Reference: http://pages.ebay.com/ebay-money-back-guarantee/


But are they described as Flow Hives?
The ones I have seen are, of course, a blatant copy but are called Autoflow Hives


Faroe are these ones on Amazon fakes?