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#eBay flow frames


Yes these are the genuine Flow Hives we are selling through Amazon.
I’ve asked about getting more info, registered tradmark etc on there, or links to our website. But Amazon doesn’t actually allow us to link to our own website.
So it is a bit hard to tell if they are genuine Flow products.

We are still NOT listing on Ebay… (can’t remember why) :slight_smile:


AMAZON 25 March "Beekeeping Supplies and Equipment"
This is hives only, Flow frames are separate

VEVOR Beehive Frames Wooden Beehive Frames Bulk Automatic Honey Beehive Box Kit with 7 Standard Frames
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Price: $455.99
Sale: $375.99 & FREE Shipping
You Save: $80.00 (18%)
In stock on April 17, 2017.
Order it now.
Get it as soon as April 20 - 24 when you choose Standard Shipping at checkout.
Ships from and sold by Vevor.

Application: Breeding facility; Type: Beehive; Material: Cedarwood
Hive Size: 20"X16"X10.5"; Super Size: 20"X16"X10.5"
Unique bee hive house for the auto flow honey frames (Max 7Pcs). can be assembled with other super frames kits
There is no centrifuging, no mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment needed,so it is great for the beginning beekeeper to begin his or her first colony of bees
The wooden beehive house makes the extraction process far less stressful for the bees and so much easier for the beekeeper

New (1) from $375.99 & FREE shipping.


that is a fake.

I happen to know a thing or two about trade mark law- and simply calling their product ‘auto flow’ or whatever- does not get them around the TM law. It is a clear infringement.


I think the point was that it is hive only not the ‘auto frames’ so may have been an alternative to the hives supplied by Flow.
Is the wood from a sustainable source?
And would the original Ff fit the boxes.
I think the cheaper solution is to buy your box from your local beekeeping, ensuring their wood is from a sustainable source, and making your own according to Flows readily available plans.
Or just buy a super from Flow…


Nope- those exact hives are for sale on eBay complete with 7 fake ‘flow’ frames- there was even an Australia based eBay seller flagging some off a few weeks ago.

I’m guessing that seller has already run into trouble and is now trying to liquidate the hives without the fake frames.

Also- I have seen some of the fake frames and they are just slightly too big (tall) to fit in a standard langstroth- I doubt that hive above has correct langstroth dimensions as it’s made for the fakes.

Agree that the timber probably isn’t ethically sourced either.


Somebody should try these and see if they work? :smiling_imp:


Oh dear. Looks like that is a Chinese knock-off and not a genuine Flow hive. :anguished:


Someone called EzBee Ultra Simple Beehive with a website of http://mrezbee.com/ is selling copy cat fakes on Amazon. Having purchased 2 of the Flow Hives and wanting to get more, this just makes me crazy. It is a company from China, as they admit the product is made in China in the answer to a question about shipping to Japan. https://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A18A291ZP1P7IZ&merchant=A18A291ZP1P7IZ&redirect=true


From all the comments received on this subject I am not sure whether the furore about Australian Flow Frames or Chinese Flow Frames is primarily about patent, quality, price issues or source country.
Patent issues are less the concern of the consumer and more the concern of the manufacturer. Its tough but that is the case. Quality (high) is desired by the consumer who deserves to be assured that the goods are fit for the purpose and invariably claimed by the manufacturer to reassure the consumer that they have made a wise purchase. This includes both structure and materials. Before claiming that the Chinese use materials as some forum members have suggested, consideration should be given to the countless cooking, household, appliances etc etc that China supplies to Australia and sold by Australias largest consumer retailers. It is true the some people consider any plastics are toxic per se. There seems to be a large variation in price from the Australian Flow Frames and their Chinese counterparts. 7 Australian made flow frames AU $594 before shipping VS AU$210 delivered from China. As far as China being the source country and not Australia, Australia is the first country to outsource manufacturing to take advantage of cheap labour overseas and is a major purchaser of Chinese goods of millions of products. I have just purchased 7 flowing frames for my hive. As a retiree I do not have the luxury of altruistically paying well over twice the amount for the Australian product although local purchase would have been my preference had the price been competitive. So, what are The Chinese frames like? (I am aware of “caveat emptor”) But they seem well made, fit the hive well, the mechanism works fine. Time will tell but initially, I can’t fault. Its just plain old competition and survival of the fittest.


I’m not a flow hive owner myself. It’s not my place to say anything. However it wouldn’t surprise me at all if at least one of the flow hive owners on this forum was to ask what you’re doing here.


As you are not a flow hive owner yourself, you say it is not your place to say anything. I can only agree with you. As to why I made my comments was that during my research into what was on the market, I came across this forum to help make a decision on supply and was surprised at the heated discussion often bordering on rudeness which seemed to be masking the true goal of the deservedly passionate beekeepers on the forum which is to successfully keep bees and harvest the honey. I just look at supplier alternatives. As to whether what I am doing here, it is my personal feedback on my findings as unbiased and constructive as possible. Thats all. Happy beekeeping!


I agree with Jeff.

It is one thing to buy illegal Chinese products, another to gloat about how cheap it was and try to justify that.
Chinese companies are thieving all the research and development of many products, so all that R & D cost doesn’t have to be recouped.
How does some one have the audacity of posting in this forum which is funded by FlowHive justifying the purchase of Chinese rip offs. Shame.
I am an old age pensioner and chose to support Australian enterprise rather than try to bury Aussie companies by buying illegal copies.
I could rant on but I think my message is clear.


You should join this forum: www.chineseflowhiveknock-offs.com and they can answer all of your questions. They have a huge support team staffed by thousands of their first hand users and can offer the support you are needing.

This forum discusses Flow products.


Supporting Chinese manufacturing does much to continue the ‘problem’ of higher costs of locally designed & created, manufactured goods. Not to mention the multitude of other negative impacts & implications both in this country & China itself. It may be cheaper to buy from China in direct monetary costs, but environmental impacts, social impacts often come at a much higher cost to the community, local & global.
We live in an age of ‘I want it. Now. Therefore I deserve to have it , right now’. What happened to saving to buy things that you wanted or needed.


Well that’s two of us that got caught out checking the link :blush:


@Red_Hot_Chilipepper you got me a beauty, I was #3 to take a look :slight_smile:


You guys are commendably honest. :blush:

As I have been a recent victim of identity theft, probably thanks to Equifax, I am extremely suspicious, even of @Red_Hot_Chilipepper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I didn’t click, but I did read the link address, and I hovered my mouse over it to see if there was a hidden link underneath. :sunglasses:


I just clicked!

@Bobthebuilder I can only imagine how quickly your tune would change if you ever invented and invested you time, money and energy into a new product. Lickity split. A complete backflip double somersault. Olympic Level stuff. If you can’t see how it is rude to come onto a website hosted and paid for by the Flow company- in order to spruik flow frame counterfeiters- there is no helping you.

As to the savings you have made on paper with your purchases- good luck with that. You are now a guinea pig- testing out possibly untested products- with no guarantee they will work- no guarantee of food safety quality- and quite likely no chance for redress if it all goes tits up on you. I hope you inform the people who will be eating the honey that it comes from frames made by unscrupulous counterfeiters. If they lie about their intellectual property rights- do you think they will be honorable when it comes to the type of plastic they use? If there are two options: cheap but tainted- or food grade, approved but more expensive- do you think they will go with the latter?

Your point about how many items of cookware australians use from China isn’t relevant. Each product has to be assessed individually. There are plenty of examples of tainted products coming out of China- just as there are many approved, tested and certified products BUT when you are dealing with explicitly unscrupulous counterfeiters your odds of coming across ‘best quality’ just went down dramatically.


You got the address wrong, it is: www.chineseflowknockoffsforum.com


Either address will get you their support staff :wink: