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Fall Feeding and screens


Questions regarding fall feeding, I have been using a mason jar over the top hole, with a screen right underneath
it. They seem to be not feeding at all from it, so I tried taking the screen away, and it empties in a day. So I am
not sure if it is just continually dripping into the hive this way,and they are not getting much, where as with the screen,
they do not seem to be getting any either. What does everyone else in the northern hemisphere ie {canada} do for their
fall feeding. Thanks !!


Not Canada but U.K.
I use a rapid feeder they come in 2 and 5 litre sizes. I never have trouble with the bees taking invert


Where is the screen, exactly? If it is under the inner cover, that will likely be too far for their probosces to reach. If it is on top of the hole in the inner cover, it should be OK, unless your mason jar lid has a “recess” (dip) in it, like they often do. Then it may also be out of bee tongue reach… :wink:


great , thanks. They actually have some available in ontario, a little ways away,
but at least its the same country !


You need #8 hardware cloth, not window screen.