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Flipped the sides... will this be a problem?


Hey Flow community,

I just finished putting together my flow super and realized that I have switched the sides. What I mean by that is if you are looking at the front (with the plexiglass window) the directions have the rear removable cover on the right end. I inadvertently put it on the left end. Will this be a problem down the road? Also I went ahead and glued them together so I can’t switch them back. I’m freaking out that I’ve ruined the super. Please tell me I’m going to be ok.



If it’s together backwards, the main issue is going to be the notch cut out for the metal strip will be at the wrong end. You could always chisel/cut away that notch so the metal strip can fit properly. In addition, you may need to pre-drill some new pilot holes on some finger joints, but the box should still work.


From the sounds of it, you will just have the window on the opposite side as normal. Unless as beethinking says you installed the panel inside out. Can you take a picture of it and post it?


No the panel is not inside out. Here’s a pic.


Nice-looking hive! :smile:

It is hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but it looks like you have installed the metal strip at the bottom of the frame access door - exactly where it should be. However, I think the side walls have a very slight recess cut out of them, so that when that strip is screwed in, it is flush with rest of the bottom of the box. If you screwed it to the bottom of the walls without that recess, you may have a small gap where it lifts the box at one end. Probably doesn’t matter, but if it was mine, I would file out a recess for it to reduce draftiness through the walls. I don’t like fighting any more propolis than I have to, and bees propolis gaps! :blush:



Thanks Matt, Adam & Dawn for your suggestions. I went ahead and chiseled out a notch and it fits great now. Now to find a swarm…



Looks really great @Buttonjaw, I put mine together that way as I prefer to work from that side & I have shade trees on the otherside , enjoy the experience.