Flow Beekeeper Suit Sizing


If you have general questions with regards questions on the Flow Beekeeper Suit Kits. Please feel free to Reply to this post.

Beekeepers suits are made from 100% Cotton, 280gsm (grams per square meter) Fabric. Zippers are high quality two way zippers with fully removable hood. Suits are machine washable, however hood must be hand washed and it is best to air dry both suit and hood. Suits also contain elastic waistband, elastic arm cuffs, and ankle cuffs. There are zippers at the bottom to allow easier access to high top boots. Both hands and feet are equipped with foot and thumb straps to keep your suit in place on your body.

Beekeepers Gloves are made from goatskin leather, with an area of mesh ventilation, and thick cotton gators. Leather material allows for a very tactile feel. It is best to hand wash and air dry gloves.

Beekeepers Tools are metal J hook style tools perfect for removing frames from your hives.

The most popular question by far on beesuits is… What is the best size for me? [Our sizing chart is the best place to start on those questions.][2] In addition the below notes will get you on track.

When selecting your Beekeepers suit, please keep in mind you may be wearing clothes underneath, however If not that is totally up to you. So please do keep in mind the beekeeping suit may be worn during times of the year when you would like to wear a sweater/jumper under the suit. – Please see the notes below when considering your personal size requirements.

It is generally recommended that you consider sizing your beesuit a bit larger size than normal clothing in order to accommodate wearing clothes underneath and for loose fitting. The most important measurement
on sizing is the Torso, or “nape to crotch” in the [sizing chart][2]
The next important measurement to consider is the “waist band circumference” which is an elastic waistband. You will want the elastic waistband to be fitting your individual size. When gathering your measurements, also consider wearing clothes especially a sweater/jumper if you think you will need to wear this type of clothing under your suit when managing your hive.

Slightly larger than your normal sized clothing will be preferred as you DO NOT want your beesuit to be tight fitting. Beekeeper suits are not tight fitting fashion items and the best fitting beekeepers suit is slightly baggy.
It is the loose fitting cotton material that keeps you from getting stung by angry bees. Beekeeper Suit sizes DO run slightly larger than your normal clothing to account for this needed baggy fitting already.
However, it is also recommended that you consider selecting a larger size if right on the edge of two sizes.
Sizing Example:
This below example a photo is me wearing one of the Flow Beekeepers Suits. I am a typical Male 6’ 0" 172lbs (183cm-78kg) and will fit both a Medium or Large Sized Beekeepers Suit. - I Prefer size Large

When wearing the tighter fitting size medium simple tasks such as bending over the hive may make the suit tight fitting or lift the ankle cuffs up over the top of your boots. Therefore a large would be
the preferred size. Plus if your beekeeping will be done in a cool region size medium would not account for wearing clothing underneath.


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Has anyone gotten their June shipment bee suit yet?


Just got mine today. I’m in Perth. It’s great, makes me feel like an astronaut.

Thanks Flow team.

Hi weave2sew,
Yes I got mine last Friday 10th July, a perfect fit, very happy with it now the wait for the Flow Hive to arrive.

Thanks Cedar and team.


Thank you very much for the great feedback. Love to hear from everyone who received one

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What size suit would you reccommend for a male weighing 95kg and 5’9 in height?

Hard to know for sure, but the sizing chart is a good place to start.

Measure from the top of the collar to 15cm below the crotch for the NAPE to Crotch measurement. That is the most important. And then look at the middle. I would likely think that is around the XL range but it really depends. Always better to be bigger than smaller

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