Only recieved half of order

1st wave crowdfunder here.

Received our broodbox/flowhive in December 2015.

Still waiting on the plastic matrix.

Are people still waiting or is it just us?

Who could we chase this up with?

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you.

I just got all my wooden parts a week+ ago. Maybe 3-4 weeks ago I got an email it was going to be a delay between the arrival of the Frames vs wood. I did read that late last year they had a water leak cause dmg with production so it got behind a bit with frames. Maybe a FlowHive staff member can answer though.

I also got my broodbox/flowhive in December 2015, I have it together and setting on the kitchen table and waiting for Flowhive frames. I live in North Central Kansas and have a NUC on order for delivery in May 2016. I hope the frames show up by then.

ORDER 10919278

I still have not received my frames. Have sent several emails to FlowHive but no response. Bees coming soon! :frowning:

As with several other similar posts. You won’t use the Flow Frame Super right away as the bees will start off in the Brood box where you have wooden frames. Check with local beekeepers as a lot of places in the USA need 2 Brood boxes.

I live in Nebraska and plan to have the one Deep Brood box for my NUC and then 2x Medium Brood boxes that week need drawn and filled before I even put the Flow Frame Super on the top.

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I see my posts questioning what is going on and how the company can sell to new customers - promising delivery in the next month when they cannot meet orders from a year ago, have been deleted. Now I am REALLY wondering what is going on here - no emails, no updates, misleading posts on order pages. wonder if this will be deleted too.

Same story with us. I hope that everything is legit. Essentially, we did accept the order, even though incomplete, I am hoping that we should are okay with not having refused/returned the product without receiving the complete order.

Have a look round the forum. There are lots of posts about this. Your frames come from Australia and your woodwork from USA. Hence two parcels.
Try here

You guys are in good company. They will come, but it’s taking time. If you have an actual problem, say, you got a tracking number and it says ‘delivered’ but you don’t have it, or you received a package damaged during shipping or missing something from the packing list then you should go to this post and follow the instructions you find there;

Everyone should keep in mind that a delivery of the wooden hive parts is not incomplete if you do not also have the plastic flow frames. These items are being manufactured on different continents, and shipped thru different systems and arriving at different times. Mine came 2 months apart.

If there are problems with your order follow the directions in the link above. Keep in mind that you are prolly leaving messages that are crossing the date line, so if the weekend interferes it might be 3 days before someone even sees you email.

If you do not get a response within the week then I would resend. Make sure you include the email your used WHEN YOU ORDERED. That seems to be how they track things the most effectively.