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Flow Hive caps/cover

Hi I am looking to buy the cap/covers that go in the plastic flow super-at the top-where you put the rod. I have lost a couple of mine and Flow hive shop only sells as a package with the tubes etc which I dont need.Any suggestions where I can get some would be great Cheers

Hi Greg

The spare parts page on the Flow website has a caps and tubes product - Flow Frame Cap, Cover and Tube Kit – Spares l Flow Hive – Flow Hive US

Hi Bianca yeah I saw that but I only need the top rectangular cover not the other 2 items with it

Ahh ok, sorry, I can’t help much with that.

@Bianca is being ever so polite, but I will be a bit more forthright…

The kits are only $6. Yes, you get some parts that you don’t need right now, but you probably will in the future. I can’t tell you how many I have lost over time. Plus, you can always sell the extras on eBay!

So pay a bit more than you think you should, then store or sell the rest. You will be glad that you did!

Otherwise, use duct tape… :rofl: :blush: :kissing_heart:


Hi Dawn Yes I know the kits are only $6 US or in AUS $7.99 but as I have 3 flow hives I already have a surplus of tubes that I don’t use and the bottom caps always stay in place and I havent lost any as yet-but the top access covers are not a tight fit and fall out rather easily. I need about 6-7 now as I have just bunged them up with cardboard so I thought I would see if I could get some more and at present it seems I might just continue with cardboard or if I take your suggestion buy 3-4 kits, but it just seems a bit of a waste. And duct tape does have some dubious chemicals so I’d rather not use it. Though I am a bit surprised that it is not easy to purchase them individually from anyone-even the flow people

I recommend contacting the Flow customer support team and they may be able to help you out with something :wink: info@honeyflow.com

Hi Bianca yes I have messaged them but as yet they haven’t got back

Someone will certainly be able to respond to you soon. We intend to write back to all of our enquiries as quick as we can, which is generally between 1-2 days.