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Flow Key Access Cover - Replacement Needed


Good day, all!

I just went to add the honey super after building the colony for a year and I am missing the Flow Key Access Cover. I know I had it, but I lost it during the last year. I have emailed customer support multiple times to try to order a replacement but have never heard back from them.

Can anyone tell me how to get another one or the exact dimensions so I can try to build one? I would need length, width and depth.

Josh Reynolds
Texas Edible Landscapes.


Hi Joshua, do you have the six or seven frame box?


Just to be clear, do you mean the wood or the plastic parts? If you mean the plastic, you can buy a little kit:

If it is the wood, I can try to measure it for a 6 frame hive this week, but meanwhile you could just use some duct tape. :blush:

@Faroe might have some helpful thoughts too.


Hi Josh,

I can see that customer service responded to your email a couple of months ago. Please check you spam box as sometimes responses get missed and go into the spam box.
My colleague has asked for your order number or the email address you used when you first ordered, as we need this information to provide you with a replacement part.
I will also send you another email now requesting this information, and hopefully you will get it.
Please add info@honeyflow.com to your email address book.

Thank you,


I have the 6 frame hive.


Hi Joshua, what about the message above from @Faroe about customer support from Flow having already responded to you?


I just searched my spam. There it was. I’ve responded back to them. We’ll see what happens. Thanks!


in the meantime it is an easy thing to make- you can take the measurement right off your box. I made my own flow supers and made those covers myself out of bits of scrapwood. You can also cut one out of a piece of coreflute with sciccors- if you glue two pieces of coreflute together it is the right thickness.